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Chart of Ted Bundy - Role of Deities and Mythology

Horoscopes of people with troublesome life always have more scope to learn about deep secrets of astrology in comparison to any prominent celebrity figure (who may be actually living a double life). That’s why; when it comes to analyzing any celebrity chart, my mind automatically goes towards someone known for bad reasons. I don’t think any astrologer would have analyzed as many charts of criminals as I analyzed. It gives me an indication as to where we should be cautious and careful in life else we can easily fall on wrong path.

Today, I am going to analyze another such chart where native doesn’t fit in our traditional definition of Criminal or even potential threatening person but still his reign of terror lasted at least 20 years. He was as charming and as good looking as you can imagine. He was Law and Psychology graduate and actually worked as Psychology counsellor to people. He was so articulate in defending himself in court that it made the Judge assigned to the case comment that “it is unfortunate that you have chosen the wrong life path, otherwise I would have loved to see you practicing as a Lawyer in my court.” But eventually, fact remains that he was Ted Bundy, the most dreadful serial killer ever.

Let’s cover this curious case of Ted Bundy on following points –


Introduction – Ted Bundy is still feared as the cruelest, most cunning and tormenting Serial Killer ever but during 1960s to 1980s his terror was something beyond imaginable limits, especially for us sitting in 2022. For people, who don’t know about Ted Bundy, please check this link - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Bundy.

Details of Birth Chart – As per online information available, Ted Bundy was born on 24 Nov, 1946 at 10.35 pm at Burlington, Vermont, USA. He was born as a Leo ascendant with Jupiter-Venus in 3rd house/Libra, Sun-Moon-Mercury-Mars-Ketu in 4th house/Scorpio, Rahu in 10th house/Taurus and Saturn in 12th house/Cancer. There is another chart online available with same birth details which shows him as Cancer ascendant person. After little bit of research, I found that coordinates of Burlington, Vermont, USA were not correctly entered for Cancer ascendant chart. Hence, I would rely on Leo ascendant chart. Of course, Saturn in Cancer had a role to play in his life but his ascendant remains a Leo ascendant.

Important Points of Chart – Following are important points to analyze in his chart where we can see a troublesome life for himself which proved to be horrible experiences for many others –

  • Leo ascendant – A person who wants to be in focus and in attention. A person who is very fiery and aggressive in achieving whatever he wants.
  • Saturn in Cancer – Cancer is sign of emotions. Saturn represents repression or suppression. Saturn in Cancer shows the person is not emotionally nourished by the mother or family and feels a sense of emotional repression or suppression. A slight look back at Ted’s life shows that he was born to a single mother and he never knew his biological father. One sentence in Wiki Page of Ted Bundy is enough to indicate his emotional state of mind – “Bundy expressed a lifelong resentment toward his mother for never talking to him about his real father, and for leaving him to discover his true parentage for himself”.
  • None can defend what Ted has done to dozens of his victims but another side of coin is that you can give back to others what you have got. I heard a potent quote after Texas Shooting incident which says that “A child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth”.
  • Somehow it is the same story for 99% of criminals; i.e. Dysfunctional Family + weak Moon position in chart. Ted Bundy was no exception.
  • 5 planets in Scorpio – Then we can see where was the biggest trouble in his chart. It was in 4th house/Scorpio where he had Sun-Moon-Mars-Mercury-Ketu. The most infamous sign Scorpio where no planet likes to be, Ted had 5 planets there. Moon’s debilitation and its association with malefic planets (Sun-Mars-Ketu) and enemy Mercury didn’t help at all in keeping a balanced mind.
  • At the same time, same conjunction gave him interest in Psychology and he became a Psychology Graduate plus worked as Psychology Counsellor too for some time. All I want to say that Scorpio sign was giving possibilities of career in Psychology too and Ted was well aware of it, that’s why he went into Psychology field but then he chose to focus on other lower significations of Scorpio like Sexual Crimes etc. Hence, responsibility is back at Ted that he focused on lower significations.
  • Rahu in 10th house/Taurus/Rohini Nakshatra – Rahu in 10th house gives extreme desire of fame & recognition and if person is not keeping a stable mind then he may not make any distinction between fame or defame. I mean to say that such a person may think that infamy is also a fame. As Moon (Mind) was completely trashed in Ted’s chart, he even loved the fame he got as Serial Killer.
  • Additionally, if we go into Rohini Nakshatra and its mythological story where Lord Brahma was chasing his daughter Rohini for having incestuous relation, we will realize that this is what Ted did throughout his terror reign.

Venus MD – But my biggest confusion in Ted’s chart was that why he got into crime during his Venus MD. If you search about his crime and terror reign then it was largely between 1960 to 1980. This was exactly the time period when he was in Venus MD (1960 to 1980). Now, Venus is well placed in own sign Libra along with another benefic Jupiter. Then how come this gentle Venus MD proved to be so rough for his victims.

Let’s try to find it out –

  • Lowest representation of Venus is Sex.
  • Venus is with Jupiter which was his 8th house/Pisces lord. 8th house is another house of Sexual Intercourse. So, we can see that Ted was functioning at lowest level of consciousness.
  • Then Venus MD also activated Rahu in 10th house/Taurus/Rohini and he started the chase in search of Sex.
  • Now, Venus is in Vishakha Nakshatra which is nakshatra of conflicts and contradiction as it is related with forked branches. It also represents split personality type of cases. But there is more to it. Vishakha’s deities are Indra and Agni. If we go into mythology, then Lord Indra comes as a character who is always afraid of losing his throne and always living an over-indulgent life. We will get similar stories for Lord Agni. Both are insatiable when it comes to satisfying their desires.
  • This is the kind of life Ted Bundy lived during Venus MD where he went on a rampage to satiate his insatiable desires through his victims.
  • Last but not the least, Saturn in Cancer and trashed Moon ensured that Ted lost all possibility to feel the pain and suffering of others which helped him to go through his crimes one after the other without any guilt.


Was Ted born to be a criminal? – I personally don’t think that anyone is born to commit crimes. All Ted Bundy or people like him need is the right environment, support and counselling system in their formative years. Even Ted had got some sort of direction in his early life when he went into Psychology but couldn’t stick with it. So, all people need is guidance and support at right time. If someone still wants to follow the path of crime then it is his wish but at least he won’t be able to blame anyone else for his life.


Conclusion – When we learn astrology initially, at that time it is difficult to understand the use of various deities in astrological predictions. This chart is one of example which tells us the importance of mythological stories and role of deities in predictions. As always, astrology is vast and everything is in addition. Everything plays its role in final outcome.


 Hope this helps. Thanks, 

Swami Premanand Bharti

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