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Horoscope of Billie Eilish - Early Fame and Freedom


There was a request to write about the chart of Billie Eilish. Billie Eilish is an American singer and songwriter. She first gained public attention in 2015 with her debut single "Ocean Eyes". Please check this link to know more about her - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billie_Eilish. So, let’s begin –

Introduction of Chart – The birth details given to me by person requesting her chart mentioned her birth date as 12th Dec, 2001 whereas online information everywhere shows 18th Dec, 2001, 11.30 am at Los Angeles, California, USA as her birth details. As very personal information about her birth is available online, i.e. her being a child born through IVF, I feel I can rely on 18th Dec, 2001 as her correct birth date given online. If the person still feels that 12th Dec, 2001 is correct birth details then he can email me. I will be willing to reconsider her chart. As per 18th Dec, 2001, 11.30 am at Los Angeles, California, USA as birth details, Billie is born as an Aquarius ascendant with Mars in 1st house/Aquarius, Saturn in 4th house/Taurus, Jupiter-Rahu in 5th house/Gemini, Venus in 10th house/Scorpio, Ketu-Sun-Mercury in 11th house/Sagittarius and Moon in 12th house/Capricorn.

As I normally analyze celebrity charts on some specific topic, I have chosen two important topics with Billie’s chart which are as follows –

Early Success and Fame – One obvious topic to discuss here is how she became so famous so early in her life. Like, we can see that she got initial fame even at her early teenage. 

  • Normally, when Saturn is ascendant lord and Saturn is impacting career oriented houses or planets then we see that person gains fame or success in later age, mostly from 30s. 
  • Emperor angelfish
  • As we can see that not only Saturn is her ascendant lord but Saturn is also sitting in 4th house/Taurus from where it aspects all career oriented houses; i.e. 6th house/Cancer of daily work life, 10th house/Scorpio of authority/fame/recognition and 1st house/Aquarius. Saturn also aspects Venus, which is her Atma Karaka, and Mars, which is her 10th house/Scorpio lord.
  • So, from every angle Saturn should have delayed the recognition and fame in her career. Then how she shot to fame in her early teenage? 
  • This is where Dashas are important and our life moves as per Dashas we go through. From her very early childhood, she was in Mars MD from 2005 to 2012 and then she started Rahu MD from 2012 onwards.
  • Mars represents Brothers, Mars is also her Bhatru Karaka, i.e. planet with 3rd highest degree in chart, and Saturn is in her 4th house/Taurus of Mother & also her Matru Karaka, i.e. planet with 4th highest degree in chart. Our very initial childhood is seen from 1st house to 4th house.
  • This is first interesting thing that she was initially inspired by her Brother and Mother to get into Music. Mars MD was on. As I said, Mars represents Brothers and aspects Saturn in 4th house/Taurus and Saturn aspects back at Mars in 1st house/Aquarius. So, she got this initial foundation of her life where she was given complete freedom to pursue her creative interests.
  • Then Rahu MD started in 2012. She was 11 years old then. This is when she says that she wrote her first real song. Rahu is with Jupiter in 5th house/Gemini of creativity and Rahu itself is creativity. So, as soon as she got into Rahu MD, she got into her creative pursuits seriously. Needless to say that Rahu is also co-lord of her ascendant and lord of her ascendant nakshatra. So, Rahu MD got her into pursuing her life path.
  • First real fame came at the age of 15 years when she entered in Rahu-Jupiter dasha. Both Rahu-Jupiter are in 5th house/Gemini of creativity. Jupiter also rules her 11th house/Sagittarius of rewards and recognition. Even transit-wise, Rahu-Jupiter were together in 7th house/Leo during 2015 and she got the initial fame among masses.
  • So, we can see that her very early success and fame was result of her dashas which were supportive of her creative career.

But as I see, there was one more important event along with her initial life which we can discuss –

  • It was the fact that her parents decided to Homeschool both of their kids. It was a decision her parents made to spend time with their kids and give them the freedom to pursue their interests.
  • As I see, this is most important event which happened in her life as she was kept away from conditioning of Schools and Colleges. She was kept away from those Teachers who claim to be guides or Gurus but who only serve interests of Govt. People who tell kids from the very early age as to what to think, what not to think and what is good and what is bad? People who don’t let a child grow on its own.
  • Another person I know who was Homeschooled during his early childhood was Osho. It was when his grand-parents refused to send him to any school and started teaching him at home only. It seems Homeschooling creates Rebels, which society is so much afraid off. Society doesn’t want Rebels. It wants disciplined and obedient servants.
  • Astrologically, we can see that her ascendant lord Saturn is in 4th house/Taurus. So, her initial life revolved around her family and home/Mother but lots of kids take birth with similar planetary placement but they don’t get such guidance and freedom from parents.
  • This is where I say that in the end, evolutionary level of person is most important beyond planetary placements. Thankfully, her parents were at higher evolutionary level who trusted in their own ability to guide their kids rather than in ability of any teacher at school/college to condition their kids.
  • This is also why I say that to get the best of results from our chart, we should be aligned with the path shown by our chart. Although she was born near solar eclipse but there was no doubt in her mind about her right path as she got wise guidance from her parents and brother throughout. Also, if she had been sent to school for her studies then obviously she would have been successfully off-tracked by her teachers/schools/colleges/society around her. In that scenario, we can’t expect her to find her path again in life so early.
  • I may sound very harsh here against the conditionings given by Schools/Colleges etc. but just reflect back if any of your school/college books had a single chapter titled “How to be an Entrepreneur” or “How to pursue your creative talents”? I can’t remember any such thing from my academic days. The whole conditioning of society is to make you a job oriented person because if you do your business then who will do their jobs?

So, this is where I think that Billie Eilish chart is very important that even with malefic planets impacting person’s career in chart and dashas, person can still gain success, recognition and fame early in life if person gets the right guidance from very beginning.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


Swami Premanand Bharti

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