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Horoscope of Bill Gates – Timing of Separation

There was a request to write about Charts of Bill Gates & Melinda Gates and what made them to separate after 27 years of marriage. As complete birth details of Melinda Gates are not available online, we have to do this analysis on the basis of Bill Gates’ chart alone. So, let’s cover this topic on following points –


Birth Details and Chart Details.

Important Houses.

Important Planets.


Annual Transits.

Why Now?

Gemini Vs Cancer?



Let’s cover all points one after the other –

Birth Details and Chart Details – As per the information available online, Bill Gates was born on 28th Oct, 1955 at 20.58 pm at Seattle, Washington, USA. He is Gemini Ascendant person with Jupiter in 3rd house/Leo, Mars-Mercury in 4th house/Virgo, Sun-Saturn-Venus in 5th house/Libra, Rahu in 6th house/Scorpio, Moon in 10th house/Pisces and Ketu in 12th house/Taurus.

There is another chart available online for Bill Gates which shows him as Cancer ascendant but mostly, this Gemini ascendant chart is used. Towards the end of this analysis, we will try to see which chart is showing his separation more promptly. That would help us in understanding if he is Gemini ascendant or Cancer ascendant.


Important Houses – Important houses for Separation/Divorce are -

6th house – It is the main house of conflicts and disputes. He has Mars-Ketu co-ruling 6th house/Scorpio.

10th house – It is the house of authority figures; for example Judges. He has Jupiter ruling 10th house/Pisces. Jupiter also rules 7th house/Sagittarius of relationship and partner. Jupiter is also his Darakaraka at 4 degrees.

So, when 6th house and 10th house both get activated together as per dashas, it shows that person can get into conflicts and can take the matter to authority figures like Judges to decide the matter.

Important Planets – Now, important planets for Separation/Divorce are –

Ghatnikaraka – It is planet with 6th highest degree in chart and represents all the things represented by 6th house or 6th house lord. For him, Sun is Ghatnikaraka at 11 degrees.

Nodes – Ketu itself represents Separation as Ketu was separated from Rahu. Rahu also represent breaking of things. Rahu-Ketu are at 6th house/12th house axis which is not a friendly axis for relationship as they represent conflicts and losses respectively.

Saturn – Saturn remains the most malefic planet and represents limitation/frustrations. Limited benefits and Frustration normally leads to conflicts and litigation. Saturn is in 5th house/Libra with Sun-Venus. Although it is exalted but Saturn in relationship matters is always troublesome and can give lots of issues in relation.

Venus – Venus represents our overall ability to handle relationships, any kind of relationship. Bill Gates has Venus in 5th house/Libra. It is only looking good in own sign. Look closely and you will find that Venus is almost at same degree with Saturn and it is in Paap Kartari Yoga between Sun and Saturn. This shows lots of ego clashes in relationship.


Mahadasha/Antardasha – As always, life moves on as per dashas we go through.

Bill Gates started Mars MD in Jan, 2019. Mars is 6th house/Scorpio lord. As 6th house shows conflicts, it shows that conflicts might have reached at higher level with the start of Mars MD in 2019.

Then in between June, 2020 to June, 2021, he was in Jupiter AD. Jupiter rules 10th house/Pisces of authorities and also rules 7th house/Sagittarius of relationship and partner. Jupiter is also his Darakaraka at 4 degrees. It shows that in last 1 year time, they might have contemplated a lot on this matter.

Then finally in April-May, 2021, he was in Rahu PD. Rahu is again in 6th house/Scorpio.

All the dashas were activating all the important houses related with separation or divorce. Hence, on May 3, 2021, they made this announcement.


Annual Transits – Now, let’s confirm this event through annual transits too –

Nodes – He is going through a Semi-Nodal Return transit where Rahu is transiting over his birth Ketu in 12th house/Taurus and Ketu is transiting over his birth Rahu in 6th house/Scorpio. Nodal/Semi-Nodal Return are always huge transits and can bring life changing events.

Saturn – Saturn is transiting 8th house/Capricorn from last 1.5 years and bringing major life changes to majority of Gemini people.

Paap Kartari Yoga – Most importantly, Ketu transiting 6th house and Saturn transiting 8th house are creating Paap Kartari Yoga for 7th house which can create lots of stress in relationship and very limited happiness. This can create reasons for separation.

Jupiter – As we know that Jupiter hasn’t been very strong in last 1 year or so; i.e. last year in Capricorn and now in Aquarius. So, even Jupiter in transits is not of much help to save a person in relationship matters at least.

Hence, we can see overall chart, dashas and transits indicating towards this event.


Why Now? – A generic question can be that why they decided to separate now after 27 years of marriage. Again, the reasons are Dashas. He never gone through a full-fledged 6th house dasha which can bring conflicts in foreground. Also, we need to understand that it is not that suddenly on May 3, 2021, they got up and decided to separate. Things are always building up in background and we are always either trying to ignore or trying to accommodate. Then when Dashas really kick-in, we see the final result. If we just go through Bill Gates Wikipedia page then we will find this – “Gates married Melinda French on the Hawaiian Island of Lanai on January 1, 1994. At the time Gates was given permission by Melinda to spend limited time with his ex-girlfriend, Ann Winblad.” This shows that things were never good from Day 1 of their relationship. Hence, this final result after 27 years.


Gemini Vs Cancer? – Although Birth Time Rectification is a huge process and takes a lot of time but this event is more seen from a Gemini ascendant chart rather than a Cancer ascendant chart as all the transiting planets will shift in a house before. That means Nodes won’t be transiting 6th house/12th house axis and Ketu-Saturn won’t create any Paap Kartari Yoga for 7th house. So, I think this event gives a slight indication that he is Gemini ascendant born.


Conclusion - A common question during relationship consultation is that if I have chances of divorce in my chart? The common and simple response is that yes, chances of divorce are there in every chart because every chart has 6th house or 6th house lord of disputes, 12th house or 12th house lord (6th from 7th house - disputes with partner) and Ghatni Karaka etc. Also, if someone is planning to get married then I am sure that they are looking for a long term bond. Now, in this long duration, you will have all sorts of dashas and transits which can activate houses/planets of disputes and conflicts. You can't expect only smooth sailing dashas to go through whole of your life. So, there will be good or bad times in any relation and the people in relationship need to realize the complexities involved and work accordingly to sustain the relation. Relationships are tough for everyone and every relationship of our life is tough. So, no one is going to be any exception. We all will have our share of relationship issues

Hope this helps, Thanks, 

Swami Premanand Bharti

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