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Astrology Vs Astrologer

Suppose a person has met with an accident and was rushed to a hospital where an urgent surgery was performed on him. During that surgery, Surgeon had committed some mistake.

Now, is this mistake of Surgeon or Medical Science?

I am sure that all of us would say that obviously, it is mistake of Surgeon. Why to blame whole Medical Science for the inefficiency or incompetency of an individual Surgeon?

Certainly!!! Then why we don’t apply the same logic in case of Astrology Vs Astrologer?

I have and I am sure that many of you have also met people who are quick to blame Astrology as soon as they see an Astrologer doing some mistake. It is like when a prediction from any astrologer fails, we will find people to quickly come to the conclusion that “alright, it means that astrology doesn’t work”.

Well, what is such a hurry to come to such a conclusion? Many things would have or could have taken place which might have contributed to non-manifestation of the prediction. It may very well be the incompetency of Astrologer. It may also be the case that individual himself didn’t put the right efforts in right directions to get the predicted results. It can also be global situation like Covid-19 which might have prevented predictions from getting manifested etc.

Even if we take it that Astrologer didn’t do his job properly then also blame Astrologer. Why we are in such a hurry to declare that Astrology doesn’t work?

Why we don’t want to think of any other reason which might have contributed in the non-manifestation of prediction?

Because it satisfies human ego. If a person is quickly declaring that Astrology is fake or it doesn’t work then one thing is sure that they never had any faith in astrology because real faith never gets broken by anything. They just came in the direction of astrology to test it with their suspicious and doubtful mind and they were just waiting for the first opportunity where they can declare to the world that Astrology is Pseudo-Science. And as soon as that moment came, they did exactly that.

But as I said, it satisfies Human Ego. It satisfies Human Ego to assert that no planet is ruling over my life. It satisfies human ego to assert that no planet can have any control over my life and can tell me to what to do and what not to do? It satisfies human ego to assert that now I am free.

That’s why; such an urgency to declare that ASTROLOGY as a subject doesn’t work based on a mistake of an ASTROLOGER!!!!

But we never do the same for other things in life. If a Doctor commits a mistake then we blame Doctor not Medical Science, if a Lawyer commits a mistake then we blame Lawyer not the Constitution of the Land, if an Architect commits a mistake then we blame that Architect not the field of Architecture?

Hence, it is nothing but ego satisfaction from these few people. It would be great if rather than blaming anyone; we should look within and ask ourselves as to why we couldn’t manifest our desires?



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