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Evolution Through Astrology

During consultations, teachings or even during generic discussions on astrology, we get to hear this argument time and again that “this person’s chart must be indicating something of this nature that’s why; he is behaving like that or just following his nature given by his chart”.

In my considered opinion, this is the most dangerous way of interpreting any chart or understanding a planetary positions. Here are the reasons –

  1. Through my articles on Spiritual Musings (https://www.astrosaxena.in/astrology/category/49/spiritual-musings) , I tried to emphasize one point again and again that we all are on a journey and we all are supposed to evolve through every single event of our lives, every single person in our lives and through every single life we go through right from Rock to Buddha.
  2. So, evolution is our basic nature. We are supposed to evolve or grow or improve. Another thing is that this evolution or growth or improvement can happen any moment or another way of saying this is that this evolution is happening every moment.
  3. Now, the main drawback with this logic, “this person’s chart must be indicating something of this nature that’s why; he is behaving like that”, is that there is no scope of evolution if we follow this logic.
  4. For example, a person is committing a crime and he can say that “what can I do? My chart is like this”. A Prime Minister or President of a country can throw a Nuclear Bomb at another country and he can also say that “what can I do? My chart is like this”.
  5. Can we even imagine what kind of danger we are inviting through such logics and interpretations? And the worst thing is that this logic has to be applied from all sides. So, if I say that I cheated someone due to my chart and planetary position then other person can also say that he is planning to kill me as his chart is showing this. What kind of chaotic world it will create? Every person will pursue his nonsensical and destructive desire and would project his misdeed on his chart by saying that what I could’ve done, my chart is like that.
  6. At the level where most of us are right now, we can’t be given this luxury of projecting every nonsensical act on charts. That’s why; I am of opinion that this can be highly destructive, damaging and dangerous way of interpreting charts.
  7. As I said, we are supposed to evolve, grow and improve in our lives. So, even if someone is thinking that all actions have its seed or root in astrological chart only, even then seed is supposed to sprout and grow as plant.
  8. If following nature is part of nature then evolving from same nature is also part of same nature. If Seed only remained Seed throughout life then what did it do? Seed is supposed to sprout and grow as plant. It means that we are supposed to utilize our birth chart and planetary positions for taking more evolved actions rather than taking devolved actions and then projecting it over our chart as an excuse.

Finally, every Human Life or every birth chart is just a possibility for evolution to next level. It remains within Free-Will of individual whether he wants to evolve or not.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


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  • Very true. thank you!

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