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Aries Ascendant

If Libra Ascendant chart is totally upside down then Aries ascendant chart is totally aligned with the original chart, or as they say the chart of Kaalpurush.

For Aries people, 1st house has Aries sign which is natural house of Aries only. 2nd house has Taurus sign which is natural house of Taurus only and so on for every house and sign. So in this case, the energy of house and sign are getting aligned with each other. This can also mean that there is double energy of similar kind in every house. So, they are more intense than any other sign. At the same time, if energies are getting aligned then it doesn't mean that everything is well aligned in their lives. Aligned here only means that they approach the things related with the house with the similar sort of energy represented by house. Like, 4th house is Home, Mother & Emotions and sign falling there is Cancer, so they can be extra emotional or caring towards home or mother. 7th house is relationship and sign falling there is also Libra, a sign of relation. So, they can be intensely looking for relationship but at the same time, they may like to have a very balanced relationship as being Aries ascendant, it may be tough for them to accommodate or adjust after a certain limit.

Another way of interpreting an ascendant chart is by looking at what 2 houses a planet rules as it connects the energies of those two houses.

Like for Aries ascendant people,

Mars rules 1st house/Aries and 8th house/Scorpio. So, it connects their life path with instabilities and changes. 

Venus rules 2nd house/Taurus and 7th house/Libra. So, it links their wealth with other people/masses and business. 

Mercury rules their 3rd house/Gemini and 6th house/Virgo. So, it links their efforts with resolving obstacles of others. 

Jupiter rules 9th house/Sagittarius and 12th house/Pisces. It links their higher education, religious/spiritual pursuits with travelling to far distant lands. 

Saturn rules 10th house/Capricorn and 11th house/Aquarius. It shows that they grow in career and income very slowly and with considerable delay and hard work.

Again, it is only the foundation of their chart without considering planets, dignity, dasha and transit. So, there is much more to look for.



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