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Chart of an Archaeologist as per Astrology.

Today, let’s see what planetary placements can create an Archaeologist.

So, let's begin with chart of an Archaeologist -

Important Houses.

Important Signs.

Important Planets.

Important Nakshatras

Various Combinations.

Atma Karaka or Amatya Karaka


Let's cover all points one after the other -

Important Houses - Following are important houses for an Archaeologist -

  • 1st house - 1st house is always the most important house of any chart as it represents the person and his life path. Wherever 1st house lord is placed, it gives an indication related with life path the person is supposed to follow.
  • Moksha Houses – All the moksha houses, i.e. houses # 4, 8, 12, become important here. It is because these houses are related with private and secluded places away from population. Normally, Archaeological sites are located at such places only. 8th house is also important due to its portfolio of research and investigation.
  • 9th house – It is house of far distant lands. Normally, an Archaeologist has to travel to faraway places to do his work.
  • 10th house – 10th house is main house of work or career but it is also house of hard work and perseverance. This is one work where you need great amount of perseverance.

Important Signs - Following are important signs -

  • Scorpio – For being sign of research and investigation.
  • Sagittarius & Pisces – Normally, the Archaeological Sites are of Religious or Spiritual importance. Hence, these two signs.
  • Capricorn – Again, for being the sign of hard work and perseverance.

Important Planets - Following are important planets -

  • Ketu – Ketu is planet of research and investigation.
  • Jupiter – As it is planet of knowledge, education and religious/spiritual places.
  • Saturn – Saturn is the planet of old age. So, it represents places which are of historical importance. Also, it is important for being a planet of hard work and perseverance.

Important Nakshatras - Following are important nakshatras -

  • Ketu ruled Nakshatras – All Ketu ruled Nakshatras especially Ashwini and Moola become important as they give capacity to research and investigation.
  • All 3 nakshatras of Scorpio, i.e. Vishakha, Anuradha and Jyeshtha as they all help in research.
  • Chitra – As most of times, Archaeologists work on Pictures, Statues, Maps etc, Chitra becomes important.

Various Combinations - Now, any combination between these houses, planets, signs and nakshatras can lead a person in career of an Archaeologist. Any combination between these planets, houses, signs & nakshatras where energy exchanges between them will be enough to make such professional in proper dasha time.

Atma Karaka or Amatya Karaka - If Saturn becomes person's Atma Karaka or Amatya Karaka, then things can be more prominent to become an Archaeologist etc.

Mahadashas - But as always, dashas will activate houses or planets and person will have realization at that time to take up such profession as Career. 

If anyone has birth details of an Archaeologist then please feel free to post for example chart.

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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