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Horoscope of Paulo Coelho - - Importance of Bhrigu Bindu

Let’s try to interpret a Celebrity Horoscope today; i.e. Horoscope of Paulo Coelho. As I like to cover Celebrity Horoscopes based on a particular concept, let’s cover Horoscope of Paulo Coelho on the basis of Concept of Bhrigu Bindu under following points –

Introduction of Paulo Coelho – In case, someone doesn’t know about this legendary figure in literature and music then here is the introduction - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paulo_Coelho. Paulo Coelho is a legendary author who is best known for his bestselling book The Alchemist. You will get further information on the link quoted above.

Introduction of Chart – As per the information available online, Paulo Coelho was born on 24th Aug, 1947 at 00.05 am at Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He is Taurus ascendant with Rahu in 1st house/Taurus, Mars in 2nd house/Gemini, Saturn in 3rd house/Cancer, Sun-Mercury-Venus in 4th house/Leo, Jupiter in 6th house/Libra and Ketu-Moon in 7th house/Scorpio.

Concept of Bhrigu Bindu (https://www.astrosaxena.com/bbdp) – In Astrology, Bhrigu Bindu is the middle point between Rahu and Moon. This is considered as Destiny Point. Wherever Bhrigu Bindu falls in a chart, it is considered that native’s destiny will always revolves around that area of life. It means that native will get into situations which will push him towards pursuing the house/sign related things where Bhrigu Bindu is falling. Paulo Coelho’s Bhrigu Bindu is falling in 4th house/Leo where he has Sun-Mercury-Venus placed. To be exact, Bhrigu Bindu falls at 9 degree of Leo in Magha Nakshatra.

Interpretations of Bhrigu Bindu – Now, let’s analyze 4th house/Leo in chart of Paulo Coelho –

• 4th house – It is house of your private places where only those people can enter whom you allow. So, it represents your home and other private offices too.
• Leo – It is sign of creativity, authority and recognition.
• Sun – Sun itself represents career, authority and recognition. Being itself creator, Sun represents Creativity too.
• Mercury – Mercury itself represents business and communication.
• Venus – Venus itself represents finance/wealth, creativity and service.
• Mercury-Venus both are planets of skills and creativity. Mercury-Venus together in a house/sign can make someone very creative and they can have lots of interests. They can also be very good with financial nature of business.
• Now, Mercury-Venus with Sun in 4th house/Leo is clearly indicating towards someone who can gain lots of authority and recognition in creative side of life.
• Most importantly, Sun-Mercury-Venus all are in Magha Nakshatra, very close to his Bhrigu Bindu degree. Magha is nakshatra of Royal Throne. It indicates that he can get his Royal Throne through his creative pursuits.
• Magha is also nakshatra related with Ancestors and ruled by Ketu. So, it connects us with our past-life Karma. It also suggests that it was his past-life due karma to gain authority through creative pursuits.
• Now, the main question. Why he got his legendary status from writing only? There can be 100s of creative interests. He himself is involved with Music and Lyrics for years. Then why this Royal Throne and legendary status he got from Authorship only?
• As I see, it is because Magha lord Ketu is with 3rd house/Cancer lord Moon. 3rd house is main house of writing and written communications. As Ketu shows our past-life expertise and it is with Moon, it shows his past-life expertise at writing.
• Also, when a planet is conjunct with Ketu, it shows that although person has dealt with that planet related things in past-life but still some karma related with that planet is still left-over, for which person has taken this birth. Hence, he was supposed to get authority and recognition in this life through his creative writing and nourishing people and masses through it.
• This is where his destiny revolved around or this is where his destiny pushed him again and again.

How Destiny pushes us towards something? – By creating situations and circumstances or by giving us yearning or undeterred desire for something. If we look at Paulo Coelho’s life, he wanted to be a Writer from very beginning. His parents thought that he is going mad, so he was actually sent to mental asylum for treatment. After discharge, he joined Law Education but left it after year. Then he lived a life of Hippie for a few years. Then he became Lyricist and Musician but throughout there was still this yearning to become a Writer which he started pursuing in 1980s and created The Alchemist.

As the desire of being a Writer never died and he was again put into the situations where he had to pursue this desire, we can say it was his Destiny Point or Bhrigu Bindu.

Conclusion – And this is what I always tell that we should always be aligned with our chart’s energy. Our problems are only when we are trying to go against our chart and planetary indications. Like, Paulo Coelho had to go through different paths as he wasn’t allowed to follow his destined path. But once he came back to his original destined path then he was aligned with the energy of his chart and everything fell perfectly into place.

Hope this helps. Thanks,

Swami Premanand Bharti

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  • Thanks J

  • Thank you for the case study! Interesting to note that he started writing during his Venus MD and his book Alchemist became famous roughly around Venus MD - Ketu/Mercury AD, all related to his important Magha nakhshatra

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