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Sixth House

Sixth House -

So, now we have come to Sixth House which relates with Obstacles in our life. This house is about facing the real world out there and winning over all your problems. Obstacles can be many and sometimes never even thought off. Lets see the list of obstacles in our life -

1. Debts, Diseases and enemies. 

2. Disputes. 

3. Daily Routine Life, Colleagues at work place (as our colleagues try to create obstacles in the way of our growth). 

4. As it is a house related with Diseases, it also relates to Healing and medical profession can be seen from this house. 

5. As it is also a house of disputes, it automatically becomes house of litigation and hence Legal Profession can also be seen from here. 

6. Apart from these things, it is also a house of under-privileged people and service to them, as it is considered by serving them and with their blessings you can get rid of obstacles of your life. 

7. Animals and taking care of them. As every animal has some super-natural powers, by which it sees the troubles coming to its master and ends up in taking upon itself.

So, all these things are obstacles in our life, which we deal and try to overcome in Sixth house.

Karaka for this house are Mars and Saturn.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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