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Sixth House Lord in the Seventh House/6th House Lord in 7th House/6th House Lord in Seventh House.

Today, 6th house lord sitting in 7th house.

So first of all, let's see what 6th house and 7th represent -

6th house is 1st of Dushthana Houses (houses # 6, 8 and 12) and 2nd of Upachaya Houses (houses # 3, 6, 10 & 11). 6th house represents things like diseases, debts, obstacles, enemies, disputes, competitions, litigations, under privileged people, pets, daily routine life, colleagues at work place etc.

7th house is house of market place, other people (masses), business partnerships, agreements, marriage, spouse, marital happiness etc.

Now, what does it mean to have 6th house lord sitting in 7th house?

It means the planet which rules/controls/owns the 6th house of your horoscope is sitting in the 7th house.

Now, what is the impact of having 6th house lord sitting in 7th house?

Its generic interpretation is that thing related to 6th house, i.e. disputes, disagreements and conflicts are becoming a part of marriage life, partnership, business and dealing with other people. It does not mean that relationship will necessarily end because of disputes of 6th house but it simply means that disagreements are coming into relationship. Breaking or Prospering of relation depends on many other related facts. Positively, it shows a person who likes to resolve disputes of other people. So, it shows an Advocate as 7th house represents Court Halls and Agreements/Contracts. Here, daily routine life is getting into dealing with other people. So, a Businessman can also be seen here.

Now, results may be different due to aspect, conjunctions of other planets or the planet being Retrograde or Combust. Moreover, now we also need to check the strength of 7th house lord as 6th house lord is going in 7th house. So again, Overall Chart Reading is important.

So, let's see how different planets will behave differently as 6th house Lord in 7th house.

Sun - Suppose it is a Pisces Ascendant chart and Sun rules the 6th house with Leo sign and sits in 7th house in Virgo. Whenever Sun sits in 7th house, it brings some ego issues in marriage and here as Sun also rules the house of disputes and conflicts, it shows that there will be some serious ego battles in marriage and partnerships. It also shows that person has a nature of fault finding and digging into details about every action of spouse and obviously no one likes it. So, it leads to disputes. It also shows that native's father becomes obstacle against the marriage of native. It shows ego battles and disputes with father too. At the same time, it can show a Doctor or a Manager dealing with people.

Moon - So it is Aquarius Ascendant Chart and Moon rules the 6th house with Cancer sign and sits in 7th house in Leo Sign. This time it shows that disputes and obstacles in marriage are coming from Mother. May be she has a person in her mind for your marriage and would approve only for that person. Whenever Moon is in 7th house, person wants to mentally connect to other people and here he wants to connect for creativity as Leo is sign of Creativity. This person would have some creative skills by which he wants to be popular among other people. Moon in 7th house (unless debilitated) means person is emotionally involved in relationship and it is unimaginable to think of this person living without being in relations.

Mars - Mars can be 6th house ruler through its two signs. So, let's take both one after the other.

Scorpio Ascendant - So if it is Scorpio Ascendant, Mars rules 6th & 1st house and sits in 7th house in Taurus sign. As Mars is not in a friendly sign here, it shows a continuous struggle of dominance between couple. Arguments and Aggression are common in relations here but in certain cases, it might even lead to physical fights between couple. This also suggests that fights are generally surrounding Wealth and Assets. As I said earlier, this doesn’t mean having a divorce in chart, for that Dashas and Transits must also sanction such break in relation. This position is commonly referred as one of Mangalik Positions.

Gemini Ascendant - Now if it is Gemini Ascendant, Mars rules 6th & 11th house and sits in 7th house in Sagittarius sign. Here, Mars is in friendly sign of Jupiter, so things are much better here. This couple would have struggle for dominance but they will win over that urge through higher wisdom and knowledge. These people are highly motivated and determined to make a name among other people. In their early life, they go through so many obstacles and transformative situations in life that in later part of life they can share their experience through being a Motivational Speaker or a Guide for other people.

Mercury - Mercury also can be 6th house ruler through its two signs. So, let's take both one after the other.

Capricorn Ascendant - If it is Capricorn Ascendant, Mercury rules 6th & 9th houses and sits in 7th house in Cancer. With benefic and mild-malefic planets, affairs of 7th house won’t be as disturbed as with malefic planets. Here it shows someone who communicates about Health Issues or Conflicts and Counsels other people and through that counselling they take care and nourish people. Relationship with spouse will be average one. Although, they may have circumstances of disputes and arguments between them but things will never go out of hands.

Aries Ascendant - If it is Aries Ascendant, then Mercury rules 6th & 3rd house and sits in 7th house in Libra. Mercury is in friendly sign here, so it is just chilling. This shows a great relation between couple as they both will be more like friends to each other. This also shows a Lawyer as Communication of Conflicts of 6th house is coming into 7th house of Court Halls. This shows good gains through other people.

Venus - Venus also can be 6th house ruler through its two signs. So, let's take both one after the other.

Sagittarius Ascendant - If it is Sagittarius Ascendant, Venus rules 6th & 11th house and sits in 7th house in Gemini sign. Again, it is an energy exchange between 2 friendly planets of Venus and Mercury. It shows a beautiful and love filled relation in general with some little incidents of disagreements. As I said, with benefic planets things never go out of hands. This person should be careful about taking loans as that can spoil the marriage. With both positions of Venus, person needs to be careful against diseases of Kidney and Sugar.

Taurus Ascendant - If it is Taurus Ascendant, Venus rules 6th & 1st house and sits in 7th house in Scorpio. This is completely different scenario as Venus is in sign of transformation. It shows that disputes, conflicts and debts brought by Marriage are the main reasons behind transformation of Married Life. So, here again person needs to be very careful about loans and debts. Having Venus in Scorpio basically means that person has some past life karma with relationships which he needs to pay it off in this life so some transformative events are bound to come in life.

Jupiter - Jupiter also can be 6th house ruler through its two signs. So, let's take both one after the other.

Cancer Ascendant - If it is Cancer Ascendant, Jupiter rules 6th & 9th house and sits in 7th house in Capricorn Sign, where it is debilitated. If Jupiter is nearby to actual degrees of debilitation, then it shows that person doesn’t feel 100% about the person he has got married. As a benefic planet, Jupiter still provides the marriage but after the marriage person feels that he hasn’t married the right person. In Jupiter MD and AD, it can lead to some disputes between the couple. At the same time, it shows someone working as Lawyer.

Libra Ascendant - If it is Libra Ascendant, Jupiter rules 3rd & 6th house and sits in 7th house in Aries. This is much better position of Jupiter as it is in friendly sign. Person will take every possible step to safeguard and keep the marriage with his Spiritual Wisdom. Disputes will come between couple but they would have wisdom to resolve the disputes and carry on with the relationship. This person will be regarded as Guru or Highly Spiritual person among other people.

Saturn - Saturn also can be 6th house ruler through its two signs.

In either sign (Capricorn/Aquarius) as 6th house lord, Saturn in 7th house (for Leo/Virgo Ascendants respectively) surely shows delay, restrictions in married life. When it comes to Saturn, it is always advisable that marriage must be delayed till 30 at least; else we are here for some serious issues. Once it is delayed, Saturn then also represents stability. So, once marriage is delayed, Saturn gives a stable married life which lasts long. So, this is the thing with Saturn that it makes everything hard to come. If getting married is delayed and is a matter of hard work with this position then getting separation is also delayed. It is not easy to get the relationship off in a second. It lingers on. So, this represents those old couples who fight almost every day but still holds on to marriage just for society’s and prestige sake. Positively, this Saturn makes someone a smart Businessman or Lawyer.

Rahu - If Rahu is 6th house Lord through its sign Aquarius, as it co-rules Aquarius along with Saturn, and sits in 7th house in Pisces then 1st of all we need to make sure of Jupiter’s position as it is the main ruler. Rahu in Pisces in 7th house will transform Rahu as Jupiter as Rahu changes its nature as per the lord of sign it is placed in. So, it will become much like Jupiter in 7th house as discussed above but at the same time, Rahu's basic nature of being insatiable will remain there. Rahu in Pisces in 7th house shows a person who may be having an unusual marriage or relationship. Here unusual means, inter-caste, inter-religious, Foreign Spouse or even having more than one marriage. Rahu is a Demon as we all know which makes us obsessed about something but Pisces is the only sign where Demon becomes Diety because Pisces is sign of Spirituality, so Rahu makes us obsessed for Spirituality. These people have really weird approach towards Religion and Spirituality. They are seen in Society as people of Weird Spiritual views. But obsession towards 7th house of marriage remains the same and they seek perfection in their spouse which often leads to dispute and subsequent relations.

Ketu - Likewise, If Ketu is 6th house Lord through its sign Scorpio, as it co-rules Scorpio along with Mars, and sits in 7th house in Sagittarius then 1st of all we need to make sure of Mars' position as it is the main ruler. As Ketu isolates/separates a person from the things related to the house Ketu is sitting, here it separates person from the concept of being in relation. They are not one of those who are looking out for their first or next partner. They are quite content and spiritual about themselves and their relations. It remains a possibility with Ketu in 7th house always that person is disinterested towards relations. The only way relation can survive in such cases is that couple becomes highly spiritual in matters of relations, means they are happy with whomsoever they marry with no expectations at all. Conjunction/Aspect of a benefic planet may change the situation altogether. At the same time, they may have real weird approach towards higher belief and religion where they won't accept anything unless they research about any religious concept.

Hope this covers maximum points and is helpful.

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer.

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