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Dushthana Houses, Accidents, Surgeries and other impacts.

There was a request as to timing of Accidents and how to predict such events? Although, many people are scared to know about such events but there are also many people who like to keep themselves aware as to mitigate the losses. So, I preferred writing about it as only through awareness we can reduce little bit of damage. Its hard to go out without Umbrella if you already see clouds gathering. So, this article may help you in seeing the clouds gathering right in time. So, let's cover this topic on basis of following points - 

1st house and 1st lord. 
8th house and 8th lord. 
6th house and 6th lord. 
12th house and 12th lord. 
Nature of Planets.
Bhavat Bhavam. 
Important Planets related with Accidents. 
Nakshatras related with Accidents. 
Signs related with Accidents.
Dashas and Transits. 
Vipreet Raaj Yoga. 
D-30 Chart. 
Predicting Death. 

Let's cover all points one after the other - 

1st house and 1st lord - 1st of all we need to check how strong is Ascendant and Ascendant Lord? As Ascendant represents Self, strength of Ascendant and Ascendant Lord shows how strong is person physically to come out of such situations, like Accidents, Illnesses and Surgeries, without much harm. If Ascendant Lord is weak, then person can get into health related issues quite often. 

8th house and 8th lord - 8th house is considered as main house of accidents, death & re-birth and surgeries. Traditionally, the view is that if person has 2 or more planets in 8th house then he had a difficult life, but this view is rapidly changing for good as 8th house represents many more things than just accidents or surgeries. So, we have to see, 8th house, planets there, their dignity and dignity of 8th house lord. 

6th house and 6th lord - 6th house is house of obstacles and illness. If I meet with an accident, immediate result will be that I will feel obstacles in my movement. That's why, 6th house is 11th from 8th house, which means Obstacles/Illnesses are gains of Accidents & Sudden Events. Here, we have to take all types of sudden events. Like, someone can get ill after receiving bad news of a sudden event. Again, we need to see 6th house, planets there, their dignity and dignity of 6th house lord. 

12th house and 12th lord - 12th house is house of Hospitals. So, immediate result of 6th house or 8th house related event is that we need to rush to hospitals. Again, we need to check 12th house, planets there, their dignity and dignity of 12th house lord. 

Nature of Planets - Now, from all the planets we got so far, we need to see which planet is benefic and which is malefic? If benefics are in good dignity in 6th house, 8th house or 12th house then they will try to save us or at least the damage won't be high. Even in bad dignity, benefic planets are more a protector rather than a destroyer. But if we have malefic planets in these houses then we can have troubles as their basic nature is to give hardship. Even in good dignity, malefic planet will give some hardship as it is its basic nature. So, we need to see what all planets we got in above 3 houses, their lords, their basic nature and dignity. 

Bhavat Bhavam - Here, we can also include Bhavat Bhavam of each house, like 3rd house (8th from 8th house) & 11th house (which is 6th from 6th house and 12th from 12th house both). Otherwise also, 11th house is considered as most malefic as it is house of Desires, the cause of all sufferings. 

Important Planets related with Accidents - We have planets also which can on themselves cause Accidents. Mars is significator of Bloodshed. Saturn represents Joints & Bones. Rahu represents Breaking of things. So, weak Mars, Rahu or Saturn in birth chart can lead to accidents or fracture like situations. Also, Ketu can represent accidents or surgeries in conjunction with Mars.

Nakshatras related with Accidents - All the nakshatras of Rahu and Ketu can symbolize events like Accidents, specially Ardra, Shatabhisha, Ashwini, or Moola, as either they represent transformative events or they represent healing. So, planets in these nakshatras in birth chart or during transit can bring sudden events or health related issues.

Signs related with Accidents - Likewise, planets in Scorpio and Virgo can bring health issues, based on their nature and dignity as discussed above. Scorpio represents 8th house energy and Virgo represents 6th house energy. So, these 2 signs can impact health matters. 

Dashas and Transits - Now, when we get all these planets as discussed above, we need to see when these planets are activating as per dashas and then see the transit of same planets during the given dashas. So, if I am running through Mars-Rahu period and they are linked with my Dushthana Houses, and then they also transit through same Dushthana houses, then it is a big indication that person needs to be very careful about health. But if there is dasha of benefic planets activating Dushthana Houses and transiting Dushthana Houses, then things can be worrisome but not as serious as above. Also, we need to be inclusive in approach, as in if 6th lord or planet in 6th house in birth chart is transiting 8th or 12th house or vice-versa, then also it is equally concerning. 

Vipreet Raaj Yoga - Now, if Dushthana house lords are sitting in each other houses in birth chart or transit then it is termed as Vipreet Raaj Yoga. Most popular definition for this yoga is that bad impacts of Dushthana houses get cancelled with this yoga. But nothing cancels anything. This yoga simply means that if we get into events like accidents and health issues, then not only we will recover but that health issue will end up in benefiting us in some way, which is perfectly understandable in this day and age of Insurance. Also, not to forget that 8th house is also of Inheritance. It shows someone ending up in getting inheritance due to accident like situation in family. 

D-30 Chart - Now, when you are done with all this, then you can have a look at D-30 (Trimshamsha) Chart, a chart for Misfortunes. And you will find D-30 in complete alignment with D-1. 

Predicting Death - Now, I somehow feel that next request can be about "Predicting Death". For that, my simple response is "I have no idea". My experience says that it can not be predicted precisely. 

Hope this helps. Thanks, 


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