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Fifth House

Fifth House -

Fifth House is basically a house of Happiness. All the things represented by 5th house are somewhere connected with Happiness.

So, fifth house and happiness relates with these things -

1. Education (as we feel happy when we learn something new), this is education after primary education. 

2. Sports (makes us happy ). This house also includes gambling, betting and stock trading because these things were considered as sport in ancient times, best example - Mahabharat. 

3. Movies, Arts and Theatres (brings happiness). 

4. Children (be around children and you will be happy). 

5. Creativity (do something creative or new in your work and it will give you immense pleasure). 

6. Hobbies (with 3rd house, this house also holds the portfolio of Hobbies and doing something creative or pursuing your hobbies certainly brings happiness).
7. Along with these things, this is also a house of intellect. How intellectually a person behaves in society is seen from this house.

Karaka for fifth house is Jupiter.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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