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Fifth House Lord in the Fifth House/5th House Lord in 5th House/5th House Lord in Fifth House.

Today, 5th house lord sitting in 5th house.

So first of all, let's see what 5th house represents -

5th house represents Creativity, Romance, Happiness, Hobbies, Children, Innovation, Sports, Movies, Stock Trading, Gambling and Betting, Risk Taking Ability, Education, Ancient Texts etc. 5th house lord should always be checked for career matters as it can indicate where our happiness lies in career.

Now, what does it mean to have 5th house lord sitting in 5th house?

It means the planet which rules/controls/owns the 5th house of your horoscope is sitting in the 5th house of horoscope itself.

Now, what is the impact of having 5th house lord sitting in 5th house?

1st of all any planet that is sitting in its own sign is actually the strongest. It is even stronger than exalted planet and the reason is that everyone feels most safe at his own home. So, a planet sitting in its own sign feels like he is at his home and also strengthens the house it is sitting in. Its generic interpretation is that this person's happiness comes when he is involved in Creative Endeavors. They are happy with their loved ones and Children. They find most peace when they are educating themselves.

Now, results may be different due to aspect, conjunctions of other planets or the planet being Retrograde or Combust. So again, Overall Chart Reading is important.

So, let's see how different planets will behave differently as 5th house Lord in 5th house.

Sun - Suppose it is a Aries Ascendant chart and Sun rules the 5th house with Leo sign and sits in the 5th house. This person gets his confidence and pride when he is involved in creative arts and fields where he is on center-stage. They are very active in arts, theater, drama etc. They love political discussions. But as Sun burns the significance of the house it sits in, here it burns the relation with children. Their ego is too much for their kids to handle. But good position for creative arts and media.

Moon - So it is Pisces Ascendant Chart and Moon rules the 5th house with Cancer sign and sits in 4th house. This shows someone who is emotionally attached to his children. Someone who is emotionally involved with his creativity and education. This position can easily show someone who is in Teaching as Children, Education and Nourishment can be seen together. This is great placement to have children, as person will be very motherly, even a guy.

Mars - Mars can be 5th house ruler through its two signs. So, let's take both one after the other.

Sagittarius Ascendant - So if it is Sagittarius Ascendant, Mars rules 5th & 12th house and sits in 5th house in Aries. This shows a person who is very go-getter type of person in matters of sports and education. They always love to compete and beat the opposition. Their competing nature can be anywhere, not only in sports. They teach the same to their kids, i.e. to be competitive in life. They are better sportsperson as they are always looking to defeat others and achieving more than others.

Cancer Ascendant - Now if it is Cancer Ascendant, Mars rules 5th & 10th house and sits in 5th house in Scorpio sign. This shows a turbulent relation with kids as Scorpio rules this house. If these people go into arts and cinema, they will be known to perform dark and negative roles. Their education may suffer some ups/downs. In sports, they are fiercely competitive and would go to any length to defeat their opponents. Their Education may be related with surgeries or like darker things.

Mercury - Mercury also can be 5th house ruler through its two signs. So, let's take both one after the other.

Aquarius Ascendant - If it is Aquarius Ascendant, Mercury rules 5th & 8th houses and sits in 5th house in Gemini. This person is highly communicative with their children. They are everywhere in terms of education, means they want to learn everything possible. Likewise, they are everywhere in romantic partners, their love stories may not last long. They can be very good in teaching or counselling. It also gives ability to mimic.

Taurus Ascendant - If it is Taurus Ascendant, then Mercury rules 5th & 2nd house and sits in 5th house in Virgo, where it is exalted. This person is more serious. Virgo shows a serious nature of Mercury. So these people are very precise in their communications with their children. Very analytical and selective about what they want to study. Even if they become actor, they want everything and everyone on time and do their job and go back on time. This makes someone a great stock broker, Auditor, Accountant. In love matters, they expect too much perfection from partner.

Venus - Venus also can be 5th house ruler through its two signs. So, let's take both one after the other.

Capricorn Ascendant - If it is Capricorn Ascendant, Venus rules 5th & 10th house and sits in 5th house in Taurus sign. This person is into education to gain wealth and securities. They are deeply in love with their kids. They love what they study and most of the time, their education is in the field of creativity. Means they would join these Acting Schools or Fashion Courses. They do excellently in creative field like media, movies and theater.

Gemini Ascendant - If it is Gemini Ascendant, Venus rules 5th & 12th house and sits in 5th house in Libra. As Libra is sign of peace and keeping balance, these people know how to keep balance between their education and creative side of life. Profession wise and nature wise, they will almost be the same as described in above para but their will be a balance factor always involved with them. They would always look in control with their passions. Here, they want to be in love with someone who wants to turn it into marriage as Libra is sign of relationship. Love towards Children, Education and Creativity remains the same.

Jupiter - Jupiter also can be 5th house ruler through its two signs. So, let's take both one after the other.

Leo Ascendant - If it is Leo Ascendant, Jupiter rules 5th & 8th house and sits in 5th house in Sagittarius Sign. It shows someone who is Teacher or Professor or a Guru type of person. They are all about education. They are interested in higher philosophical learning and religious teaching. They can also go into ancient texts studies and astrology. They become like a guide to children. A highly highly learned person.

Scorpio Ascendant - If it is Scorpio Ascendant, Jupiter rules 2nd & 5th house and sits in 5th house in Pisces. Now, the person is more into spiritual teachings then religious teachings. We can see a Spiritual Guru here. He is all about divine knowledge and learning the spiritual meaning of life. They will be regarded as highly enlightened beings. They will have spiritual wisdom to impart to children/students.

Saturn - Saturn also can be 5th house ruler through its two signs.

In either sign (Capricorn/Aquarius) as 5th house lord, Saturn in 5th house (for Virgo/Libra Ascendants respectively) shows that person has a really serious outlook about studies and education. They treat education as their duty/responsibility and in such cases, fun part of life takes a back seat. They realize their creative side only in 30s. Saturn's 3rd aspect delays the marriage and hence child birth gets delayed. Overall, it is a position of person who is seriously involved in studies and willing to leave fun part of life.

Rahu - If Rahu is 5th house Lord through its sign Aquarius, as it co-rules Aquarius along with Saturn, and sits in 5th house in Aquarius then 1st of all we need to make sure of Saturn's position as it is the main ruler. Rahu in Aquarius in 5th house will transform Rahu as Saturn as Rahu changes its nature as per the lord of sign it is placed in. So, it will become much like Saturn in 5th house as discussed above but at the same time, Rahu's basic nature of being insatiable will remain there. Rahu in Aquarius in 5th house shows a person who gets into education of IT or Science or Technology. There is some unusual-ness related with their education, like they may have got online certification course etc. Likewise, they might have had children through unusual way like Test Tube baby or Surrogacy or they had to go through some treatment for having children. Relation with kids will be equally strange as they may have to leave their children at another place for education and get to meet them only once or twice. They will be highly creative.

Ketu - Likewise, If Ketu is 5th house Lord through its sign Scorpio, as it co-rules Scorpio along with Mars, and sits in 5th house in Scorpio then 1st of all we need to make sure of Mars' position as it is the main ruler. As Ketu isolates/separates a person from the things related to the house Ketu is sitting, here Creativity suffers. These people are either physically separated from being creative and attaining higher education, means they themselves won't be motivated to study any further after basic education. Likewise, they are not too much into sports, not even as a kid. Love relations would always end in painful breakups or cheating, so much so that later they won't even be inclined to any love relation. A benefic planet with Ketu or its aspect on Ketu/5th house or a running dasha of another planet can change this scenario completely. They will be fond of research on philosophical topics and religious texts, but they will also keep a weird approach towards religion.

Hope this covers maximum points and is helpful.

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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