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Second House


So, now we move ahead to the second house of horoscope. I think I need not to tell that Second House of horoscope is where Second is written in the picture.

So, Second House of horoscope actually shows what is valuable for you in life? For some people wealth is important, for others authority is necessary, for some others knowledge and wisdom is more important than anything else. So, second house is actually house of things which we value in this life. It is also a kind of saving bank account of your life and shows what you like to save and keep with you. Again, someone may like to keep jewelry and gems with him and some other would like to keep books with him.

So, following things are represented by Second House of horoscope and pay attention that all of us value these things in somewhat more or less way -

1. Family and Family Lineage like Family Business. 

2. Wealth and Savings, as such it also shows from where your wealth is coming, means your source of income. 

3. Face and Throat in Human Body. As it represents throat, it also shows what kind of food you like to eat. 

4. Close Friends, as it is house of family and close friends are like our family member. 

5. Your very early education like kindergartens stage, because again it is house of family and our family teaches us at that stage. 

6. Speech, as it represents throat. 

7. First House is self and Second House is the next house, so it becomes the result of first house, means whatever self-efforts we put in First house, Second house shows the results (wealth) of those efforts accordingly.

8. And again, our values in life. What we really value as wealth? Do we value currency as wealth or relations or books or words of sages.

Karaka of second house is Jupiter. 

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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  • Thanks Sir.

  • Ur write up about u is thought provoking .I noted ur messages as said by Rajneesh,Budda &krisna.I am motivated .I am aged 66 yr n last 3months studing about astrology in Tamil. Ur explanation on Jyothi is exallent ,a new n real meaning. God ie planets have graced me to reach u towards good middle path. Thank u

  • @ Ashish - pls apply for career consultation.

  • My dob 5/02/1973, 13: 50,new delhi, India I am jobless from last four years please tell me when will I get job or business

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  • When will I get pg seat? My dob s 05/10/1990, time 09:17a.m, place mangaluru karnataka,.

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