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Significations of 2nd House

The quickest way to find someone's career (when person is not willing to give much time) is to see the 2nd house, planets in 2nd house and position of 2nd house lord.

2nd house is house of Wealth. So, planets in 2nd house and 2nd house lord position will tell about source of person's wealth. From where his money is coming. The planets involved, their basic nature and dignity will tell about the field of work one can get wealth from. Like, Jupiter being 2nd lord can mean person gaining wealth from sharing knowledge and Moon being 2nd lord can mean gaining wealth from works like teaching or medicines.

Important thing to remember here is that it is only one trick and it can't replace the importance of full-fledged career consultation which is necessary for important matters of life like career. We can only say that it will give a clue or an idea about person's career but other factors like 10th house, 10th house lord or dashas or Atma/Amatya Karaka can change the scene. Also, if Saturn is involved in 2nd house or as 2nd house lord then same career can be achieved but with delays in life.

Likewise, 2nd house is house of speech. The more malefic impact on 2nd house or on 2nd house lord, then more a possibility that person can speak lies. They can also use foul language in moments of anger or even generally. Malefic planets like Mars and Rahu impacting 2nd house gives tendency to eat non-veg food or drink alcohol a lot.

As 2nd house is house of speech, it is also important for career like Astrologer or any career where ability of clairvoyance is needed. If 2nd house lord is well-placed and there is no malefic impact on 2nd house then it shows that things person speaks come out to be true.

Now, before people start asking about their career based on 2nd house only, please check this link


 - https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/posts/2118581378422275?hc_location=ufi .


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