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First House


So, this post is all about first house related things. Things which are represented by first house. Again, as I told in previous post, first house of horoscope is where you find Asdt. written in this picture. Asdt. means Ascendant, so it is also called Ascendant house. As it represents the east direction of sky and Sun rises from east, it is also called Rising House or Rising Sign. In many astrological software it is denoted as Asc.

So, main things represented by First house/Rising House/Ascendant House are below:-

1. East direction.
2. Personality (How world perceives us as a person?) 
3. Overall body and specially head in human body. 
4. Place of birth. 
5. Life Purpose.
6. Life Path. 
7. Overall health.
8. Basic foundation of kind of life we are going to live.

Now, every house has at least 1 planet as its Karaka or significator or indicator. Result of that particular house depends significantly on the position of that planet along with the other planetary positions. Karaka/Significator of the first house is Sun.

And I am going to repeat this through out that never think of your or anyone's horoscope as good or bad just because of 1 planet's placement. There are in total 12 houses, 12 zodiac signs, 9 active planets as per Vedic Astrology and 27 Nakshatras (each nakshatra having 4 pada).

So fortunately, Astrology is deeper than just the Sun Sign or Moon Sign predictions.

Vishal S Saxena – Astrologer

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  • C - it will need a detailed analysis, It cant be done in a comment.

  • Capricorn ascendant,jupiter and moon conjunction in 1st house. Asc,moon and Jupiter in uttarashadha.saturn in 8th house.life path.

  • Abhi - it will take detailed analysis. Cant be done in a comment.

  • Gemini ascendant ,ardra nakshtra,Saturn in 1st house and Rahu in 11th house,mercury in 6th house.what is the life path

  • @ P - I dont hve ny remedies.

  • Hi sir, I have conj in 1st house Rahu-surya & Guru and I am facing lots of problem in life, can you provide some remedies.

  • @ Usha - Good positions for knowledge sharing business

  • Hi What if virgo Lagna lord in 9th & 7th lord Jupiter in 3rd both are retrograde in natal chart? Thanks in advance!!

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  • @ koul it shows dearth of money in early life. limited association of family and wealth thru self efforts.

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