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Twelfth House Lord in the Ninth House/12th House Lord in 9th House.

Today, 12th house lord sitting in 9th house.

So first of all, let's see what 9th house and 12th house represent -

9th house represents Higher Education, Philosophy, Religion, Law, Faith, Fortune, Gurus, Teachings of Father (as father is 1st Guru we get) etc.

12th house is house of Losses, Expenses, Isolated Places, Spirituality, Foreign Lands, Foreign Companies, Imagination, Sub-Concious Mind, Charity, Donation, Asylums, Jails, Hospitals, Hidden Talent and Secrets of Other World etc.

One thing to always keep in mind with 12th house is that it basically remains the house of losses. So, whichever planet goes in 12th house, even exalted, is in the bucket of losses. Now, to gain out of any such planet, you need to put double effort in things related with that planet.

Now, what does it mean to have 12th house lord sitting in 9th house?

It means the planet which rules/controls/owns the 12th house of your horoscope is sitting in the 9th house of horoscope.

Now, what is the impact of having 12th house lord sitting in 9th house?

This planetary placement shows a person whose majority of life is spent in travelling at various places within country or in Foreign Lands. Even within country, he will travel to far distant places where people of different ethnicity stay. Hence, the person may be in a job where he needs to travel a lot. This also shows someone who is very much interested into Higher Philosophy, Religious Teachings and Spirituality. It may also show someone is Lawyer at Foreign Lands. If malefic planets are involved in wrong dignity then it shows that a person has hard time finding the real Guru or belief system. It would also mean that Father had to suffer some losses. Overall, it shows that person is interested in Travelling and Religious & Spiritual learning.

Now, results may be different due to aspect, conjunctions of other planets or the planet being Retrograde or Combust. Moreover, now we also need to check the strength of 9th house lord as 12th house lord is going in 9th house. So again, Overall Chart Reading is important.

So, let's see how different planets will behave differently as 12th house Lord in 9th house.

Sun - Suppose it is a Virgo Ascendant chart and Sun rules the 12th house with Leo sign and sits in the 9th house in the sign of Taurus. It shows a person whose confidence and ego develops in life, when he successfully deals with matters of Higher Knowledge, Religion & Spirituality. That is to say, either when he gets a post-grad/Ph.D. degree or when he achieves something great in Religious/Spiritual field. As Taurus is sign of Wealth, they may take higher education in field of Wealth & Finance and hence their Career would be in such field while at far distant places and staying with people of different ethnicity. It also shows that Father had to suffer some losses due to individual. It also shows ego battles with Gurus or Father on matters of Higher Education or belief.

Moon - So it is Leo Ascendant Chart and Moon rules the 12th house with Cancer sign and sits in 9th house in Aries. It shows that person's mind is always on Higher Education and staying at far distant places. They love to travel around and meeting people of different ethnicity. At the same time, it shows an aggressive mind in matters of belief, either religious or spiritual. They may be forever ready to defend their views. Person's Mother might be travelling around a lot. They will be emotionally attached with their learning or belief system.

Mars - Mars can be 12th house ruler through its two signs. So, let's take both one after the other.

Taurus Ascendant - So if it is Taurus Ascendant, Mars rules 12th & 7th house and sits in 9th house in Capricorn sign, where it is exalted. This shows a person who is very strong in his belief system. If called upon, they can even fight for their beliefs. It may also make a person argue with his teachers and father, but as Mars is exalted, every argument will be for good and right reason. Person will equally defend his father and Gurus. It also shows someone who can be in defense/sports or in Law field as exalted Mars normally gives career in these fields. It also shows that a person is very forceful when he talks to others.

Sagittarius Ascendant - Now if it is Sagittarius Ascendant, Mars rules 5th & 12th house and sits in 9th house in Leo sign. This gives almost the same results as Leo is ruled by Sun, which represents Govt. So, it again shows a person who is serving the Govt/Law. This again gives a tendency to defend the belief system. As Leo is a fire sign and Mars is a malefic planet, it shows someone has fiery approach and aggressiveness towards higher education and beliefs. In both positions here, person would like to dominate the will of others.

Mercury - Mercury also can be 12th house ruler through its two signs. So, let's take both one after the other.

Cancer Ascendant - If it is Cancer Ascendant, Mercury rules 12th & 3rd houses and sits in 9th house in Pisces, where it is debilitated. This position of Mercury shows someone has great imagination in the field of Religion, Philosophy, Higher Education and Spirituality. Their imagination gets access to other worldly things due to nature of Pisces. As Mercury represents Communication, hence they become good writer, author or counselor/teacher in matters of Religion/Spirituality. They can be even best-selling authors. Only issue with debilitated Mercury is that whatever they talk is of such a high level that others can't understand.

Libra Ascendant - If it is Libra Ascendant, then Mercury rules 9th and 12th house and sits in 9th house in Gemini. This is a Mercury which is curious. Mercury in its own sign Gemini becomes curious to collect information. So, here person is very curious to collect information about Religion, Philosophy, Higher Learning etc. They will be voracious readers and won't leave anything to be unread. And then Mercury gives result of being a counselor or teacher or author in matters of 9th house. They will be very analytical or critical in matters of their higher studies. They can become good teachers in their field of education. Both positions also give a great interest in travelling to far distant places and communicating with people of different ethnicity.

Venus - Venus also can be 12th house ruler through its two signs. So, let's take both one after the other.

Gemini Ascendant - If it is Gemini Ascendant, Venus rules 12th & 5th house and sits in 9th house in Aquarius sign. This shows someone who earns wealth by working with people of different ethnicity and at far distant places in Large Organization or MNCs. This also suggests that someone serves people through religious/spiritual knowledge for some higher cause. It also shows someone travels to far places for education or may find his love interests in far places. Here, spouse can be of different culture. A guy will certainly marry a girl who is of different culture. Here, religious beliefs won't be restricted and they will accept views of all the belief systems.

Scorpio Ascendant - If it is Scorpio Ascendant, Venus rules 7th & 12th house and sits in 9th house in Cancer. This shows someone who wants to serve people in matters of higher education and learning. It shows someone as Teacher/Professor as Venus is in the 9th house of Gurus. Person is very emotional about his higher education and teaching others. Other things about relation or marriage will be similar as above. Overall, this person is very motherly when he/she teaches people.

Jupiter - Jupiter also can be 12th house ruler through its two signs. So, let's take both one after the other.

Capricorn Ascendant - If it is Capricorn Ascendant, Jupiter rules 12th & 3rd house and sits in 9th house in Virgo Sign. This shows a person who is very analytical and critical about higher education, religion and philosophy. This person will read about different religions and beliefs, then try to analyse them critically. Same thing happens with their higher education. As Jupiter expands things, here it will expand person's analytical. In the end, this person becomes a very good counselor or teacher as he has detailed info about their subject. So, they may become good professor or teacher. This also suggests a Lawyer as 9th house and Jupiter represent Law and Virgo is sign of Conflicts. Now, girl would marry a person from other ethnicity.

Aries Ascendant - If it is Aries Ascendant, Jupiter rules 9th & 12th house and sits in 9th house in Sagittarius. This is a man of knowledge as Jupiter sits in own sign and in house which it is karaka of. As Sagittarius, 9th house and Jupiter represent almost all the same things, here Jupiter will expand the higher knowledge and education beyond barriers. They will be great Professors, Philosophers, Religious or Spiritual Gurus. They will be very good at counselling. They will always see the bigger picture of life and world.

Saturn - Saturn also can be 12th house ruler through its two signs.

In either sign (Aquarius/Capricorn) as 12th house lord, Saturn in 9th house (for Pisces/Aquarius Ascendants respectively) surely indicates that Higher Learning or Guru will come with delay in life. Till then, they will be finding Gurus, who are just too strict and who wants them to follow some stringent rules and regulations. They will have doubts and criticism towards their Gurus. They can ask about genuineness of even a Spiritual Guru. It is very hard for them to find a real guru in 1st part of life. This can also delay their higher education in 1st part of life. Access to far distant land may be blocked till mid life. But as always with Saturn, after attaining 30, they are more open towards developing a right belief system. At right time, they also get the right Guru and they find the true knowledge. Then they will find Gurus who show other nature of Saturn, i.e. Old and Wise. Long Distance travel will come late in life but when they travel, they will travel for a long time. Career wise, Law is the best option for them. They will be quite strict towards their beliefs. For Aquarius Ascendant, Saturn will be exalted here, so things may be little easy but nothing more than that.

Rahu - If Rahu is 12th house Lord through its sign Aquarius, as it co-rules Aquarius along with Saturn, and sits in 9th house in Scorpio then 1st of all we need to make sure of Saturn's position as it is the main ruler. Rahu in Scorpio in 9th house will transform Rahu as Mars as Rahu changes its nature as per the lord of sign it is placed in. At the same time, Rahu's basic nature of being insatiable will remain there. Rahu in Scorpio in 9th house basically shows a person who is obsessive about Occult, Mystic and Religious knowledge. They will dig deep in every hidden science and hence they would know all, i.e. Religion, Philosophy, Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry etc. As Scorpio is sign of Changes, their belief system will go through many changes in their lives. But they are perfect Occultist. They will prosper when they are at far distant places, more so a Foreign Land, and among people of different ethnicity.

Ketu - Likewise, If Ketu is 12th house Lord through its sign Scorpio, as it co-rules Scorpio along with Mars, and sits in 9th house in Leo then 1st of all we need to make sure of Mars' position as it is the main ruler. As Ketu isolates/separates a person from the things related to the house Ketu is sitting, here it separates person from his Gurus and Higher Learning, means this person will always find Gurus who are in disagreement with native. There is never a connect between the two. Native thinks that real knowledge of religion and philosophy is something else then what is taught to him by his Gurus. He always feels that his teachers are below par. At the same time, this gives immense research ability on 9th house matters and occult/mysticism. So, they learn on their own. Throughout life, they seek a balanced relation with their Gurus. Ketu in Leo gives them a tendency by which they are not too keen to create a show off about themselves in front of others. They won't like to be limelight and all.

Hope this covers maximum points and is helpful.

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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