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Eleventh House Lord in the Eighth House/11th House Lord in 8th House.

Today, 11th house lord sitting in 8th house.

So first of all, let's see what 8th house and 11th house represent -

8th house is house of secrecy, occult knowledge, longevity, transformation, death and re-birth, In laws family, joint wealth with spouse, serving other people needs etc.

11th house represents Elder Siblings, Large Organizations, Huge Structures, Higher Goals and Purposes for the Universe, Network Circle, Entrepreneurship, Friends, Gains, Income and Earnings etc.

Now, what does it mean to have 11th house lord sitting in 8th house?

It means the planet which rules/controls/owns the 11th house of your horoscope is sitting in the 8th house of horoscope.

Now, what is the impact of having 11th house lord sitting in 8th house?

This placement, quite generically, will show that person will gain and earn from 8th house related stuffs like Inheritance, Research Work, Occult, Mysticism, Spying, Detective, Mines, Petrol etc. and Taxes etc. This also shows that person keeps lots of friends who are in Occult Related field. His network circle relates to Mystic People. It shows that person suddenly gains in life as 8th house relates to Sudden Events. It also shows that life of elder sibling might be full of sudden ups and downs. At the same time, it also gives a very strong will power to earn and gain in life. They will go through any hardship to gain in life. Actually, more hardship they face, more they gain in life.

Now, results may be different due to aspect, conjunctions of other planets or the planet being Retrograde or Combust. Moreover, now we also need to check the strength of 8th house lord as 11th house lord is going in 8th house. So again, Overall Chart Reading is important.

So, let's see how different planets will behave differently as 11th house Lord in 8th house.

Sun - Suppose it is a Libra Ascendant chart and Sun rules the 11th house with Leo sign and sits in the 8th house in the sign of Taurus. This shows a person who may be working for Govt in field of research, analysis and detectives. But a field which makes this position more apt is Taxes and Revenue. 8th house relates to Taxes, Sun is Govt and Taurus is Wealth, so it clearly shows someone in tax department or in audit work. Here, person's ego is crushed by others in early life but he gains his confidence in life by going through all the ups and downs in life.

Moon - So it is Virgo Ascendant Chart and Moon rules the 11th house with Cancer sign and sits in 8th house in Aries. This shows person earns through taking care of people and nourishing those, who are in traumatic situations in life. So, it certainly shows someone in medical/nursing field. If Moon is in Ashwini Nakshatra, this looks even more prominent. It shows that Mother's life was full of up/downs. Person's own mind remains vigilant due to sudden events happening. Here, mind gets too involved with Occult and Mysticism.

Mars - Mars can be 11th house ruler through its two signs. So, let's take both one after the other.

Gemini Ascendant - So if it is Gemini Ascendant, Mars rules 11th & 6th house and sits in 8th house in Capricorn sign, where it is exalted. This shows a super strong willed person. Exalted Mars in 8th house is like a Soldier who can go all alone inside the enemy camp, destroy everything and comeback with their dead bodies. This certainly shows a person who deals with all sudden events of life with utmost courage and will power. They may be working for Govt and in the fields like Defense, means challenging work environment. That is actually the best job for them. Mars in Capricorn means the most Law abiding person. It also shows gains from inheritance, in-laws.

Capricorn Ascendant - Now if it is Capricorn Ascendant, Mars rules 4th & 11th house and sits in 8th house in Leo sign. This is another very good position of Mars as it shows a person who gains authority after through lots of ups and downs in life. This person's earning also goes through lots of ups and downs but again, person has will power to sustain. This shows good gains from inheritance and in-laws too. Results are almost similar here, as above, but intensity will be less as Mars is in friendly sign here but exalted sign there.

Mercury - Mercury also can be 11th house ruler through its two signs. So, let's take both one after the other.

Leo Ascendant - If it is Leo Ascendant, Mercury rules 11th & 2nd houses and sits in 8th house in Pisces, where it is debilitated. This shows a person who wants to communicate regarding Spirituality, Occult and Mysticism. They will be highly imaginative authors on these subject. As Mercury is also karaka of Astrology, here person is all about collecting info about Occult and Astrology. This shows a person highly interested in writing and blogging about occult and also earning from it. Debilitated Mercury always makes great imaginative authors.

Scorpio Ascendant - If it is Scorpio Ascendant, then Mercury rules 8th and 11th house and sits in 8th house in Gemini. This is even better position for Mercury as it is in own sign. Similar results can be seen here, as above, with greater intensity as it is powerful in own sign. Great communicator in the field of Occult and Mysticism. Alternatively, they can earn from insurance, stocks and audit related work. Earnings will have initial ups and downs.

Venus - Venus also can be 11th house ruler through its two signs. So, let's take both one after the other.

Cancer Ascendant - If it is Cancer Ascendant, Venus rules 11th & 4th house and sits in 8th house in Aquarius sign. This shows someone earning money through research oriented work in Large Organisation, Corporate or MNCs. This also shows a great love towards hidden mysteries of life and death. This also shows that a person has some secret love affair. This shows that person has friends who are in field of Occult and Mysticism.

Sagittarius Ascendant - If it is Sagittarius Ascendant, Venus rules 6th & 11th house and sits in 8th house in Cancer. This shows a person into devoted service of those who are facing traumatic situations in life. So, person here either goes into Medical Field or Serves the Society through NGOs. This is another position where person may have a secret love story going on. At the same time, both the positions of Venus show that love life will go through sudden ups and downs and it will not be a smooth sailing. It also shows wealth through inheritance.

Jupiter - Jupiter also can be 11th house ruler through its two signs. So, let's take both one after the other.

Aquarius Ascendant - If it is Aquarius Ascendant, Jupiter rules 11th & 2nd house and sits in 8th house in Virgo Sign. This shows a person into work related Accounting, Audit, Stocks etc as Virgo is sign of detail oriented work and Jupiter represents Wealth. It also shows someone has ever expanding gains after marriage and from in-laws. They have a very analytical and critical approach towards beliefs and Occult. It means they wont believe in any God or Occult Science just for the sake of it. They will critically analyse different religions and occult subjects and then decide.

Taurus Ascendant - If it is Taurus Ascendant, Jupiter rules 8th & 11th house and sits in 8th house in Sagittarius. This is a far better position as Jupiter will be in own sign. This shows that someone is in deep down into research and higher learning of Occult and Mysticism. They are great Astrologers or Mystics. They can Teach these subjects too. Their friends are also into mysticism. It shows great gains from Occult, Mysticism, Marriage and In-laws.

Saturn - Saturn also can be 11th house ruler through its two signs.

In either sign (Capricorn/Aquarius) as 11th house lord, Saturn in 8th house (for Pisces/Aries Ascendants respectively) surely indicates someone who has a very long life. Occult related information will come to them slowly but surely. Likewise, relations with in-laws are stressful to start with but slowly improve and get much better after mid-30s. Joint Assets with spouse also will improve gradually. These people can be working in Govt or Law related field, or in works related to Petrol, Iron etc, in which they have to serve people facing sudden events. Additionally, any work related with mining is good for them. For Aries Ascendants, Earning and Relation with Elder Siblings will be transformative. For Pisces Ascendant, Saturn will be exalted, which will relieve the restrictive impacts of Saturn little bit but not much.

Rahu - If Rahu is 11th house Lord through its sign Aquarius, as it co-rules Aquarius along with Saturn, and sits in 8th house in Scorpio then 1st of all we need to make sure of Saturn's position as it is the main ruler. Rahu in Scorpio in 8th house will transform Rahu as Venus as Rahu changes its nature as per the lord of sign it is placed in. Rahu in Scorpio in 8th house basically shows a person who has to go through lots of transformation in life. It shows a person obsessed about Occult Related Subjects. They will know all, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Tantra, Black Magic etc. Perfect Occultist. Career-wise, they may be working for social welfare by helping people who are under stress or turmoil. Earning and Gains in life goes through real turmoil, specially if person goes through Rahu MD in early life.

Ketu - Likewise, If Ketu is 11th house Lord through its sign Scorpio, as it co-rules Scorpio along with Mars, and sits in 8th house in Leo then 1st of all we need to make sure of Mars' position as it is the main ruler. Here Ketu becomes peaceful and starts exploring the world of occult. Although, it may not give good relation with in-laws but the person becomes research oriented in occult and mysticism related matters and may become an excellent Occultist. This is one of Moksha Margi position. This gives great intuition. Ketu in Leo means person is not too keen to gain or show authority over anyone. They are neither too creative. But huge interest in Occult.

Hope this covers maximum points and is helpful.

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer. 

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