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Significations of 10th House

10th house is always considered as the house of Career and Work. But it is actually the house of Authority & Bosses. It is very important to understand this to finally understand that where and how you may see growth and prosperity in Career?

So, 10th house is basically the house of Father. As Father remains the authoritative figure and Boss at home/family, 10th house became the house of Authorities and Bosses. So, if you are working in a job setup where you always work under someone's authority then your career can be seen from 10th house.

Also, in ancient times, one used to follow the Career of his Father. Same skill used to run in family generations after generations. That is also the reason why 10th house became the house of Father and Career both. But nowadays, when there are so many options to choose for your career and doing a business has become lot easier due to advent of internet and social media, it is not a wise idea to keep Career or Work limited to 10th house matters only.

Especially when a person has completely trashed 10th house like mine (Saturn-Rahu in Leo), it will be stupidity to advise him to look for job setup work because that person may never get any co-operation from his Bosses or Colleagues at work. In such circumstances, if he enters in to business then whole scene shifts from 10th house to 3rd house/7th house for his Career as these two houses are related to business. 11th house and 8th house are two other houses of Entrepreneurship. Once the person switches to business then he is no more working under authority and 10th house only takes the shape of your public image then. Like, I am into business, so my career should be seen from business oriented houses but 10th house would still show how is my public image and those Saturn-Rahu in 10th house give me a very unusual image. Like, the community where I live for last 1 year, people are still curious as to what I do and why I keep long hairs? And I add to their curiosity by not communicating much to anyone.  It's fun.

So, when 10th house of someone is impacted by malefic planets then it is always a better idea to be your own boss and have your own business else you may have continuous issues with your Bosses or Authority Figures.

Likewise, 6th house is considered as the house of Service/Jobs but basically, it is house of Daily Work Life. Now, whatever is your daily work life can be seen from 6th house. My daily work life is looking at chart and my mother's daily work life is taking care of home. But again, as 99% people look for job oriented career and that is their daily work life, 6th house got the portfolio of Service/Jobs. Still, 6th house and 6th house lord position indicates what a person's daily work life should be?



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