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Reason Why Non-Zoroastrians Can't Enter Zoroastrian Fire Temples in India.

Today, something other than Astrology.

Reason Why Non-Zoroastrians Can't Enter Zoroastrian Fire Temples in India.
So, this is a story I read recently and found it interesting to share. Story as I read -
Zoroastrians or Parsi community was living in Persia. When invaders entered Persia and started religious conversions, a group of Parsi people decided that if they want to preserve their culture, tradition and heritage, they would need to move to a country which is religiously more tolerant. As such, they started their journey towards India. When they reached at the banks of Gujarat, the King of Gujarat was informed about a group of people coming from far place through sea route to settle in his land. King himself was afraid of religious conversions, so he didn't want this new group of people to settle in his land. He went to see the Parsi group and wanted to tell them to go somewhere else but how to tell, as neither he knew Persian language nor Persian group knew Gujarati language.
So King told his wife to send a bowl completely filled with milk to the head of Persian group. By doing this, he conveyed to Persian group - "Listen White Men (as group was of white people and milk is white), I am completely filled up with my people. I have no place to keep new people with me. So, please go back or go somewhere else".

Head of Persian group mixed sugar in the milk and returned the bowl as it is. By doing this, he conveyed to the King that I and my people will mingle with your people as this sugar got mixed with milk. I assure you won't have much trouble because of us.

At last, King agreed but he put this condition- "No religious mingling between your people and my people. No religious conversions. Your children will not marry my children". Head of the Persian group agreed.

As "no religious mingling" was one of the condition made by King and Parsis agreed, so they do not allow a non-zoroastrian to enter in their Fire Temples. By doing this, they are actually keeping the promise they made to King centuries ago. Needless to say that in other countries, anyone can enter in Fire Temple.
Why they are called Zoroastrians? This religion/community was founded by Prophet Zoroaster or Zarathustra. He was among the 1st Prophets who came up with this philosophy that God is nothing but energy. If we see, definition of God and Energy is exactly the same. "One who can't be generated or destroyed, who is everywhere present, who was present, is present and will remain present and who takes different forms".

Courtesy - The Fakir.

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