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Articles on meaning of Aspects of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu.

As we have completed the Articles on aspects & their meaning for all those planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury & Venus) which have only one aspect, now we need to cover aspects of those planets which have multiple aspects, i.e. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn Rahu & Ketu.

Now to be honest, it will take almost whole year if I cover multiple aspects of each Planet for each Ascendant through each house. If I try to break an article in few parts, covering all the aspects of planets will take even longer duration than one year. If I try to make 1 article for each Ascendant, it will be a too lengthy article, writing which I will be tired and reading which you will be exhausted. This is because for each ascendant these planets can be in any house out of 12 houses and then from each house they will aspect at 3 different houses. So, it will be like at least 3 times longer Article than what I was posting so far.

So, I think it will be much better if I write one article for each planet, i.e. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu, and try to include following information on aspects of these planets -

  • Different Aspects these Planets have, i.e. natural 7th house aspect and special aspects of these planets. 
  • Why they have these special aspects? 
  • Meaning of each aspect. 
  • Difference in interpretation of aspects between Benefic and Malefic Planets, like Jupiter's aspect will mean different than Saturn's aspect. 
  • How dignity of a planet can change the interpretation of aspects, like a debilitated Mars aspecting 6th house is completely different than an exalted Mars aspecting 6th house. 
  • Other relevant things.

So, this way we will have better understanding of aspects of different planets. As I said, there is one detailed article which will cover aforesaid points for a planet's aspects. 

Please let me know your views, if any, through comments. 

Hope this works. We will start these articles from Monday. Tomorrow, I will post an Article on relevancy of Astrology on Marriage as a Social Concept. Of course, its genesis is from my consultations and post-consultation queries/doubts only. I am never tired of writing on Marriage & Astrology, lol.

Thank you for reading and consulting,

Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer. 

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