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FB Posts on Pitra Dosh, Virgo Asc, Capricorn Asc, Sagittarius Asc, Leo Asc, Cancer Asc.

So, I have made some important Facebook Posts in recent times which can be useful for all. So, I am posting them here. If you want to get fresh Facebook Posts and join discussion, you can follow me there - https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/ 
Post on 17th Sep, 2018 - 

Another Water Sign today, The Cancer Ascendant.

Cancer is natural 4th sign and represents the energy of 4th house of home, home land, emotions, mother etc.So, generic interpretation of a Cancer ascendant people is that they are very emotional, sensitive and caring people. This is true but there is more than that. Depending on Moon position in chart, Mother will become very important in their lives, either for good or bad reasons. As Ascendant shows the life path and Cancer is all about caring for others, normally they are seen in medical or teaching profession. At times they are impractically emotional or as we say emotional fools.

2nd house of Family & Wealth has Leo Sign ruled by Sun. It shows that their family members can be authoritative by nature or they can be working for Govt. Govt jobs can be a source of wealth for them. Father becomes a key figure in family. It is mainly his decisions which prevail in family matters. Person may have seen authoritative attitude by family members during early childhood.

3rd house has Virgo sign there which means that they can be perfectionist towards their younger sibling and they can have high expectations from them. Their speech can bring or resolve conflicts. Their efforts can be in the field of health care. They can travel away from home land because of their work.

4th house has Libra sign there which means that they desire to have a balanced home environment or balanced relations with Mother. But wherever Libra is, it becomes out duty to make it a balanced one rather than accepting it to be a balanced one. As Libra is also sign of business, it shows someone having a home or own private office based business.

5th house has Scorpio sign and troubles begin in their lives. They can have troublesome love life with lots of ups & downs and instability. They can go through some crazy break-ups or divorces. At the same time, it gives interest in education of occult or research oriented subjects. Their education can also be unstable. Their lovers can be very dominating type of or secretive/mysterious. With time, they gain all Scorpio qualities in love matters like control, over-protectiveness, jealousy, suspicion etc.

6th house has Sagittarius sign. They can take higher education of Legal or Medical field. Through their higher education, they can serve people of under privileged class. Their daily work environment involves people of different ethnicity. They can have health issues related with Fat, Liver etc.

7th house and 8th house has Capricorn and Aquarius signs there respectively. This makes their relationship life more troublesome after Scorpio in 5th house. Both these houses are ruled by Saturn and 8th house is also a house of instability and ups & downs. So, it links their relationship life with instabilities. Also, ascendant lord is Moon which is full of emotions and 7th house lord is Saturn which has nothing to do with emotions. So, they can attract emotionless/cold partners. Saturn itself being most malefic doesn't help the cause at all. They say that Cancer ascendants usually have lots of issues in relationship but after reading 2000+ charts, I wonder which ascendant doesn't have these issues. It is just that Cancer people are naturally emotional and emotionally involved in anything they do, so break-ups and separations emotionally ruin them. As these are also house of business, the realization of doing business comes late in life.

9th house has Pisces sign which shows that they can be inclined towards education in spiritual matters. It also shows that their Guru can be very spiritual one. At the same time, they can be dreamy about their approach towards religion, like they may have this idea that I am following the best religion or best morals and it may be impossible to break this dream.

10th house has Aries sign which is sign of individuality or uniqueness. Sooner or later, they have to start working on their own. Their father can be a very dominant individual with authoritative approach. They themselves can be seen as a dominating person in their career or work environment.

11th house has Taurus sign which shows that their best wealth will come through entrepreneurship and by serving a higher cause. They can gain from their network circle plus elder siblings. Again, as ascendant is all about taking care of others, their entrepreneurship should also involve similar nature of work.

12th house has Gemini sign which shows that their business can involve foreign lands or working with foreign people. It can very easily be a business of import and export. It also shows a person having frequent foreign or spiritual travels.

Now, house-lord wise (Sun, Moon and Saturn are already covered) -

Mercury rules 3rd house and 12th house which shows their efforts going into foreign lands. It also shows someone in traveling related work or business or as I said, import/export business. They feel that their relationship with younger sibling is kind of a loss. They feel that they didn't get enough benefits from them.

Venus rules 4th house and 11th house which shows gains by working from home or in real estate matters. It also shows gains from mother but also shows gains after leaving your homeland as 11th house is 8th from 4th house. So, they have to go away from home land to make their best money.

Mars rules 5th house and 10th house which makes it Yogakaraka planet. It links their work with their education or creative pursuits. But whatever they do in career, they have to do it individually on their own.

Jupiter rules 6th house and 9th house which again shows that their higher education can be in legal or medical field. They can travel to different country for their work. It again shows a possible career as a teacher or academician.

Again, planetary position, dignity and dashas can change many a things here but foundation will remain like this.



On 19th Sep, 2018

The Leo Ascendant - The Lions. 

So, just a quick tip to keep a Leo ascendant happy - "just praise them". Praise them even if they are doing nothing and they will be fine. 

Leo is the sign of Lion, The Kings, Authority Figures, Presidents, Prime Ministers and Celebrities. Actually, it is the sign of everyone at top of any field. Now, the problem with them is that even if they are not at top of their work, they want everyone to treat them like a Celebrity. They want spotlight on to them all the time and people treat them like a King. As Leo is ruled by Sun and Sun represents Ego, Ego satisfaction is a big factor for them. They need to reach into a high authoritative position in their lives to feel ego satisfaction. Here, they have the biggest lesson of life to learn that a real King is someone who empowers his people and gives authority to people. A real King is never unsecured to hoard all authority to himself.

Actually, Pakistan PM Imran Khan is best example of true Leo energy from his playing days. He knew that he was champion and hence he was never unsecured about his place and position in team. That's why, he could make so many other champion players in his time from Pakistan. But if he had been unsecured about his own place then he won't be able to give chance to others. In a way, majority number of politicians are unsecured Leo energy. They don't want others to take their place. So, they don't let others grow plus they throw unnecessary authority on people so that people should remain scared of them.

So, a Leo ascendant person 1st of all needs to get rid of their own insecurity and then only they can utilize the positive Leo energy.

2nd house has Virgo sign which shows that in matters of wealth and assets they are very realistic and practical. They can be analytical to know if they are earning better than others or not. They can have a very perfectionist environment at family like they were not supposed to commit any mistake in their early life.

3rd house has Libra sign which connects house of Business and sign of Business together. Also, it shows that they can be a sweet talker. They can have good relation with younger siblings and their business can be in the nature of wealth/finance or creative pursuits.

4th house has Scorpio sign which shows major ups & downs and instabilities in home life and with Mother. Their relation with Mother can be troublesome. At the same time, they will find peace of mind in occult or mystical activities. Their can be lots of trans-formative events in their home life, at least in early life.

5th house has Sagittarius sign which connects the house of education and sign of higher education. End result is that they end up in getting good education overall. Higher Education, Ancient Texts, Teaching and Counselling brings them happiness.

Then again trouble comes with Saturn and Relationships. Saturn rules their 6th house/Capricorn of disputes/conflicts and 7th house/Aquarius of relationship/partner. Just like Cancer ascendant, Saturn is ruling their house of relationship and 1 dushthana house. Saturn itself is most malefic planet. So, it links their relation with conflicts/disputes. Again, it is advisable to delay the marriage till 30 at least. Even after that it won't be smooth if partners are not showing maturity. In comparison with Cancer, they are still in better position as Leo is sign of Ego Vs Cancer being sign of Emotions. So, it is easier for them to move on after a break-up and live based on their Ego. A Cancer ascendant person remains emotionally attached in relation, so it remains tough for them to move on so easily. Positively, their partner bring down their ego.

8th house has Pisces sign which shows that they will become spiritual after going through ups and downs in life. When they face lots of instability in life then they realize that nothing is in their hands and someone else is running the show. They also gain spirituality through occult and mystical education/practices/experiences.

9th house has Aries sign and they can be headstrong about their religious views or beliefs. They can even take physical fights for the same. They realize their individuality through higher education and learning more things.

10th house has Taurus sign and they can be in works related with finance, wealth, beauty or any Venus related work. They can have better relations with Father than Mother.

11th house has Gemini sign and they can have a good communicative relation with their elder sibling. They can gain from communication based business. They can serve people through entrepreneurship.

12th house has Cancer sign and they can be emotionally attached with their spiritual views or teachers. They can be finding peace of mind in spirituality or foreign lands. It is a good idea for them to settle in foreign lands.

Now, house lord wise (Sun, Moon and Saturn already covered) -

Mercury rules their 2nd house and 11th house which makes it their wealth giving planet. It shows that their best wealth will come through their own business & communication. Siblings can also become a help in gaining wealth.

Venus rules their 3rd house and 10th house together which links their career with business and business should be of Venus nature, like wealth, creativity etc. As Leo remains sign of celebrities, it is always a better idea for them to follow their creative interests whatever it is.

Mars rules 4th house and 9th house which makes it their yoga karaka planet. It links their home with far distant lands. It again shows that they can settle away from their home land. It also shows that higher education or religious pursuits can bring peace of mind to them.

Jupiter rules 5th house and 8th house which makes them take education in research oriented fields. It also links their love life with instability and also the life of their 1st child. They can be very much interested about education of occult or about serving people through their creativity.

Within all this, main lesson remains to empower others rather than hoarding power within themselves.

Again, planetary positions, dignity and dashas will change results from this basic foundation of Leo Ascendant lives.



Post on 21st Sep, 2018 

The Sagittarius Ascendant.

Sagittarius is the 9th sign, so it represents the things of 9th house. Hence, when Sagittarius becomes ascendant, higher education and knowledge becomes the life path. They are naturally seen as highly educated and learned people. They are normally seen in the field of education, teaching or academics. As it is also sign of Law, Legal field is also a common life path they follow. They can be very preachy type of like they can talk of very high ideals but as always there is lots of difference in preaching and practice. Also, as Sagittarius is a dual sign like Gemini, Virgo and Pisces, they have this dual personality of themselves. The other side of their personality rarely comes up.

2nd house has Capricorn sign. As it is ruled by Saturn, family environment can be very harsh or strict. Again, Law is seen as one of source of wealth. Their wealth grow gradually and with lots of hard work. They may have limited association or happiness with their family.

3rd house has Aquarius sign. This shows that they can serve humanity through their own business and entrepreneurship. Their relation with younger siblings can be very limited or restricted. Again, benefits of their efforts, actions can be seen with delay, hard work and perseverance in life due to lordship of Saturn. They can be very introvert but at the same time very precise with their communications.

4th house has Pisces sign. Their home environment can be very spiritual or they like to have a home at a very secluded/isolated place. Their Mother can be a spiritual lady. At the same time, they may like to reside away from population and probably in different country.

5th house has Aries sign. They can be very competitive in sports, education or creative pursuits. Competition becomes necessary for them to achieve success in these areas. If they don't have anyone to compete with then they may not even put their best efforts. They give similar teaching to their children. They can be seen as a dominating or controlling parent or love partner.

6th house has Taurus sign. It shows that their best wealth can come through 6th house matters like disputes, diseases and service. It again indicates that Law can be an important source of wealth for them. They should be careful against diseases of Venus nature like Sugar, Kidney or Urine etc.

7th house has Gemini sign and again the conflicts of 1st house/7th house can be seen. Enmity of 1st lord Jupiter and 7th lord Mercury opens the doors of conflicts. They are seen as a highly educated, learned or Guru type of person but the partner they attract is more a Gemini type of person who is youthful and want to enjoy life fully. A common thing I have seen in relationship matters for a Sagittarius ascendant person is that their partner complain that they don't bring them gifts or they don't give enough attention to them. This is very much Gemini nature. So, they need to learn how to keep a balance between their own nature and partner's expectations.

8th house has Cancer sign ruled by Moon. Their emotional peace or peace of mind can go through instability or ups/downs. At the same time, they find peace if they involve themselves in any research oriented study. They can be emotionally involved in their marriage but it will have its share of instability or ups and downs.

9th house has Leo sign ruled by Sun. It shows that their authority or status is coming through their higher education, teaching. preaching and guiding. It makes an even better case of their career as academician. They can have high ego because of their higher education and knowledge.

10th house has Virgo sign. It shows that they may like to be very perfectionist about their recognition and fame. They may like to reach to the highest of authority in their field. It shows that their father can also have similar perfectionist attitude. As Virgo remains the sign of conflicts, it again links their career with dealing of conflicts.

11th house has Libra sign. Common theme here is that all business related houses (3rd, 7th and 11th) are getting linked with business related signs (Aquarius, Gemini and Libra) respectively. As Libra remains sign of business, it shows that their best income is coming through business. They need to serve humanity through their own business. They can have very pleasant or peaceful relation with their friend circle or elder sibling.

12th house has Scorpio sign. It shows that their spiritual views can go through major transformation. It means that they can follow X spiritual view to begin with but as they come in contact with other views, they can keep on changing their views. It also means that they can face lots of turmoil or chaotic events in foreign lands. Their spirituality can develop through occult side of life or by going through major changes in life when they realize that nothing is under control and they are not running the show.

Now, house-lord wise (Sun-Moon already covered) -

Jupiter rules their 1st house and 4th house - It links their life path with their home and mother. After a certain age, they feel that they are like their mother. Home life remains the most important for them. Their association with their mother can be a pro-longed one.

Saturn rules their 2nd house and 3rd house - It links their wealth with their business and communication. It means that their best wealth will come through their own efforts and business. Their wealth will gradually develop through hard work and perseverance.

Mars rules their 5th house and 12th house - It links their education with foreign lands. It means that they can travel to foreign lands for matters of 5th house like sports, education and love interests. Their child can also go to Foreign Lands. They can be very creative as Mars is connecting both creativity related houses.

Venus rules their 6th house and 11th house - It again links their gains with litigation and conflicts. They can also gain from service to other people. It also shows gains from financial nature of work.

Mercury rules their 7th house and 10th house - It links their Career with business/other people/maases and communication. So, they are supposed to communicate with masses in their career. Their work should be communication based. They can get a partner who is like their Father.

Again, planetary positions, dignity and dashas can change things.



Post on 24th Sep, 2018

The Capricorn Ascendants.

As their ascendant is ruled by Saturn and as Capricorn itself is sign of hard work and perseverance, whatever they get in life is through hard work, delay and perseverance etc. Nothing comes easy or early in life. They are seen as a very serious, disciplined and person of high status in society. Recognition becomes important for them. Saturn also rules their 2nd house of family and wealth, so although their life gets connected with family and wealth related matters, they don't find connection with their family due to Saturn impact. Their wealth also grows gradually and with lots of efforts. It also shows that their best wealth comes through their own efforts or work. It can be a sign of laziness and hard work both. They can be very hard working if need arises but at other times they can just chill around. Normally, they are seen in fields of Law or in high authoritative positions. They can be very ambitious too but Saturn is going to impact each area of their life. They can be very systematic regarding their life or work. It means they would like to prepare for everything well in advance and may not like surprises at last minute.

3rd house has Pisces sign which shows that they may like to communicate about spiritual stuff. They can have their business in spiritual or creative fields. They would love to travel to spiritual places and like to collect information about spiritual stuff.

4th house has Aries sign and their home environment can be very aggressive in early childhood. Their relation with their mother may not be very pleasant one but it improves as they grow. They may like to have individual real estate properties. Home environment can improve with time.

5th house has Taurus sign and their best wealth can come through their creative pursuits and education/teaching related work. As Taurus is sign of wealth and 5th house represents stock market, they can earn well in stocks and shares. They can be educated in finance or Venusian subjects like beauty, decoration, creativity, software etc.

6th house has Gemini sign and they can resolve conflicts, disputes and obstacles of others lives through their business and communication. It again shows that they can be in legal field of work. Communications will be huge part of their daily work life.

7th house has Cancer sign and they like to get a spouse who is emotional and caring. As they don't find much love from Mother, they seek a spouse who is Motherly. But again the 1st house/7th house dynamics are at work where 1st lord Saturn is enemy with 7th lord Moon. So, they don't find emotional connection with their partner. Likewise, they should be in business where they can emotionally connect with others and take care of them.

8th house has Leo sign and their ego, authority and pride will go through lots of ups & downs and instabilities. They will automatically find people who will hurt their ego. Ego conflicts in relationship or with in-laws are common. They can have serious troubles in getting their share of inheritance due to enmity between 8th lord Sun and 1st lord Saturn.

9th house has Virgo sign and they can work really hard for their higher education. They can have analytical approach towards their teachers or religious views of different people. Matters of religious views can bring conflicts in their lives. They can travel far away from home land for their work.

10th house has Libra sign which is clear indication that they should ideally be in a business-setup career. They like to have balanced relation with Father or other people of authority. But again, it is best for them to have their own business.

11th house has Scorpio sign and their relation with elder sibling, friends, networking circle can go through immense instabilities. Their income can have its share of ups and downs. They can have lots of friends who are into occult or mystical side of life. They can be part of groups of occult studies or occultist groups.

12th house has Sagittarius sign and they can have lots of religious or spiritual travels. Their teachers can be in foreign lands. They can go for higher education in foreign lands. They understand spirituality through religious studies and higher education. Their creativity is in field of higher education.

Now, house-lord wise (Sun, Moon and Saturn already covered) -

Jupiter rules their 3rd house and 12th house which shows their foreign travels for education. It also shows that they can be in education or knowledge based business. They can work as a counselor, guide or teacher to others.

Mars rules their 4th house and 11th house which shows that their best income may come from working from their home or own private office. At the same time, it shows that they may need to leave their home land for their income. It also shows real estate as a possible source of income for them.

Venus rules their 5th house and 10th house which clearly links their career with their creative interests as Venus and 5th house both represent creativity. It also links their career with finance, wealth or software related fields. It also indicates a possible career in education, teaching and counseling related fields.

Mercury rules their 6th house and 9th house which again indicates about their legal career as house of dispute/conflicts is connected with house of higher education and Mercury itself is a counselor. It also shows that they can have skin, speech or nervous system related illness.

Planetary positions, dignity and dashas can change results.

Left over ascendants in this series (which I never planned to write  ) are Taurus, Gemini and Virgo.



Post on 26th Sep, 2018 

The Virgo Ascendants.

Virgo has many different traits and characteristics within itself, hence Virgo ascendants can also be very different from each other. It is a sign of conflicts, hence they can be in legal field. It is a sign of health care, hence they can be in medical field. It is a sign of perfection and analysis, hence it becomes common sign for any analytical work. Most accountants or financial experts have Virgo very prominent in their chart. It can also make someone very creative as Chitra Nakshatra falls within it. Hence, it can create many different life path. But one thing is common that as natural 6th house of conflicts & obstacles is becoming their ascendant, they face lots of obstacles and conflicts in their life. They need to constantly deal with conflicts in their life, whatever they do.

2nd house has Libra sign which shows that they may like to have a very peaceful and balanced family environment but they may have to work hard for creating that balance. Also, it shows that their best wealth comes through business as Libra is sign of business. They can be very pleasant with their speech due to Venus's lordship.

3rd house has Scorpio sign which shows that their relationship with younger sibling can be troublesome. Their interests can be in occult & mystical field and they may like to communicate about it. Their business can go through a major change. Their communications can land them into major troubles.

4th house has Sagittarius sign and their home environment can be very religious one. Their mother can be very religious or educate lady but due to mutual enmity of 1st lord Mercury and 4th lord Jupiter, they don't get along with their mother most of times. Their residence can be faraway from their place of birth and they can stay with people of different ethnicity. Religious discussions or talks on matters of higher learning can bring them peace of mind.

Saturn rules 5th house & 6th house. 5th house has Capricorn sign and they may have to work really hard for their education. They can get education in legal field as it is sign of law and order. It shows delay in their child birth and heart-breaks in love matters due to Saturn's lordship. Saturn gives them very long love stories and then breaks it which makes the lesson hard to learn. 6th house has Aquarius sign and these days they are normally seen as working in large organisations and corporate world but they are supposed to serve the humanity and under-privileged people through their entrepreneurship or daily work life. Again, Saturn's lordship of 5th house and 6th house shows that their love stories and obstacles/conflicts go hand-by-hand. It makes their love life difficult. They can get education in legal or medical field. Health-wise, they can have issues related with intestines or other body parts represented by these 2 houses. Likewise, Saturn related illnesses can be prominent in life like bones, teeth, joint aches or age related diseases.

7th house of relationship has Pisces sign. Again, lordship of Jupiter has conflicts with 1st lord Mercury. They attract a partner in life who, after initial days in relationship, doesn't pay much attention to them and lives in his own world. This leads to conflicts in relationship. Again, 1st house/7th house axis and its dynamics create issues in relationship life. I think that relationships were always tough but it is just that now things are more coming to surface and people are openly talking about it, which is a welcome change.

8th house has Aries sign and they will realize their individuality and uniqueness only when they get into their own business and serve people. They can have issues with in-laws and with inheritance. Asserting their individuality can bring instabilities in life.

9th house has Taurus sign and their best wealth is coming through their higher education, learning and dealing with people of different ethnicity. Many a times they are in business related with finance/wealth itself. In same field their higher education can be. They may need to travel to far distant places to gain their wealth.

10th house has Gemini sign and they should have a business setup career. Their business should be related with communication, teaching/counselling or travelling. Their father can also be a business man. They can have a very good communicative relation with father. They can be seen as a chatter-box by society.

11th house has Cancer sign and their best income & gains can come when they are able to connect with people emotionally and serve them. They can be a part of large organization related with health care and education. Their income may not be stable and can go through continuous fluctuations as it is ruled by Moon and Moon changes its size daily. So, they can be earning well sometimes and suddenly they can be losing in their income. They can be emotionally attached with their elder siblings or friend circle.

12th house has Leo sign and they get their best authority or recognition in foreign lands. They can be highly creative with lots of interests and hobbies. It is good for their ego or soul satisfaction that they may shift to foreign lands. Anyways, their career will involve dealing with people of foreign lands to a great deal as Sun rules Leo and Sun represents Career and Authority. Their Father may also go to foreign lands .

Now, house-lord wise (Sun, Moon and Saturn already covered)

Mercury rules 1st house & 10th house and life focus becomes career, work, image and prestige. They can be more connected with Father than Mother. It can be good friendly relation. Likewise, they may connect well with people of authority and bosses. Again, business is best option for them in career. Business related with communication, teaching/counselling and Analytical work.

Venus rules 2nd house & 9th house and it connects their wealth with their higher learning and people of different ethnicity. They earn best when they can communicate with world at large. Finance/wealth can be a business option for them. Likewise, their creative interests and hobbies. Their love interests can be from different caste/culture.

Mars rules 3rd house & 8th house and it gives them a natural interest in occult and mysticism. They can collect and communicate info about occult side of life. They can be very good at any kind of research work and will put lots of efforts in research and investigation. Again, it shows that their business can be in research oriented field.

Jupiter rules 4th house & 7th house and the partner they attract is much like their mother or we can say that their relationship with Mother and their relationship with their partner is of same quality. There is always a link between their spouse and their mother, either nature wise, experience wise or anyhow. Many a times, it is mother who decides whom they will marry. So, it can be like that too. They can have big real estate properties and it again indicates home based business for them as it is connecting house of home with house of business. As Jupiter is involved, it is knowledge based business.

Planetary position, dignity and dashas will make difference.

Taurus and Gemini left.



Post on 28th Sep, 2018

Pitra Dosh.

So, there was a request to write about Pitra Dosha, the concept and possible remedies. Most of the things I am going to write here are hearsay as none can have knowledge about past lives, unless he is enlightened. They say that as person becomes enlightened, all his past lives and his karmas into those lives get played before him. Even this thing is hearsay. I have no direct experience of any such process. 

So, here we go.

Pitra Dosha - So, here are some things I came to know about this concept -

1. They say that results/effects of our bad karma from past lives which we experience in this life is called Pitra Dosh. 
2. They say that effects of Pitra Dosh are experienced/suffered by 3 generations. Like, if I do any bad karma now then my next 3 generations may suffer due to my bad karma. 
3. Then it is said that 2nd house, 5th house, 9th house and 12th house in chart become important in forming Pitra Dosh. All these houses karaka is Jupiter. So if any of the enemies of Jupiter, like Mercury, Venus, Rahu and Saturn sit in these houses then it creates Pitra Dosh. 
4. Then each of these 4 planets in these houses cause some negative events in life as per the planets and houses involved. 
5. Then there is a separate remedy for separate planet and houses involved to reduce or nullify the impact of Pitra Dosh. 
6. Then they say about some generic remedies which can be common for all planets/houses like worshiping a Peepal (Fig) Tree which can also make you super rich if done in a particular hour of the day. 
7. And all this should be done preferably during Pitra Paksh so that souls of ancestors can be pleased.

Now as always, let me confuse you all a little bit  

1. Let's go to the basics. Who decided your Date, Time and Place of Birth by which you got your chart? God/Universe/Source Energy. Would God do anything wrong for you? If planets are placed in certain way then it is soul's own choice and God's permission to the soul to go through that experience in this life. Hence, there can't be any Dosh inflicted by God.

2. What is bad karma and what is good karma? Most of the times it is our perception. Siddharth Gautam left his wife and kid to seek truth. Was it a good karma or bad karma?

But I understand that some karmas can be apparently bad like killing other person or cheating/betraying. But if I have done any bad karma in past lives then I can only balance it out by 
doing some good karma in this life. Actually, it should not be a bargain or deal between different lives karmas. I mean to say that I am supposed to do good karma anyways and in any life. I can't be motivated to do good karma under a presumptive threat that I might have done something wrong in past lives.

3. And this is where my main concern is. Who knows about past lives? I can't even know about my past lives and what I did there then how can I say anything about anyone's past lives just by looking at their chart. That's why I feel that most important is the present life we have in our hands. Even in this life if I was doing bad karma till today then I can change myself with this realization and start doing good acts because that is what I am supposed to do. God didn't send me here to kill or cheat or lie or be revengeful to others. So, my philosophy is always to do good karma now in this life because that is what you are supposed to do here regardless of what happened in your past lives.

4. Impacts over 3 generations?

What a revengeful and unjustified God It is. I did something wrong 3 generations back and my poor grand-kid will suffer without any of his/her fault. I thoroughly disagree with this logic.

5. Regarding Planetary Placements in charts?

I think we all are aware by now that every planet in any house or any sign does something good and something bad. Life, World & People are never black or white. They are Grey. Even Rahu in 5th house and Venus in 9th house (so-called Pitra Dosh Placements) created Sachin Tendulkar - https://www.astrosaxena.com/stendulkar and even person with only 1 Pitra Dosh Placement, i.e. Saturn in 2nd house (which they say that it doesn't create strong Pitra Dosha), created Rev Jim Jones - https://www.astrosaxena.com/jonestown. So, as I always say, look at the real life examples and experiences of people rather than going through only theory. I again say that theory is just matter of words and it depends on how wealthy I am with words. If I am good with words, I can screw any interpretation in my favor.

6. Now comes the Business and Ego Satisfaction.

The whole purpose behind this fear mongering in the names of all the doshas is to create business for Pundits and Gemstone sellers. To make them earn good money through scaring people in names of this or that Dosha. It is also a way of ego satisfaction that you have done this worship, hence you have controlled these planets.

If worshiping Peepal Tree at a particular time is really going to make us wealthy then India should be the wealthiest country of the world as all these worships take place 24x7 in India only. But the fact remains that India is under debt of US$ 513.4 billion at global level - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/External_debt_of_India. May be our Pundits are not finding the right Peepal Tree. I wonder where Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg found such a Tree?

Worship during Pitra Paksh - Worship your ancestors or God only for thanks giving. The moment you add anything more in your worship to receive from God or Ancestors then it is a bargain, not worship. If you are going to temple to ask for home or money, then you are concerned with home or money. You have no concern with God. Your worship is no more than bribing a Govt Officer to get things done. You are not treating God or your ancestors more than a Corrupt Govt Officer.

7. Finally, again the reason why people readily accept the concept of remedies or gemstones for every problem in life or so-called dosha in chart?

Because it is easy to spend 500 Rs once rather than working hard towards anything 24x7 and achieving success. If you really want to become rich like Ambanis then who prevented you from working like them non-stop, 24x7. Who prevented you from taking risks like Dhirubhai Ambani took or any businessman takes. But here is the problem. Why to do all that when Pundit ji is saying that Lakshmi ji is sitting on Peepal Tree to give me all the wealth. Right guys?

Just think this much, if that Pundit ji really knows that Lakshmi ji is sitting on that Peepal Tree at a particular time then why he is not doing same worship for himself and become super-rich so that he may not have to do all this again in his life?

So, take away points -

1. Present Life is most important. That's what you have in your hands. Past and Future Lives none knows. 
2. Do good karma regardless of anything. We are not here to deceive each other. 
3. True worship is thankfulness. 
4. True thanksgiving to ancestors will be to serve humanity and a higher cause. 
5. Rely on your hard work for prosperity and not on any rituals. 



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