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My Recent FB Posts on Astrologer & Prosperity, Dushthana Placements, Comparisons, child birth, diffe

So, I have again made some important Facebook Posts in recent times which can be useful for all. So, I am posting them here. If you want to get fresh Facebook Posts and join discussion, you can follow me there - https://www.facebook.com/astrovishalsaxena/ . 

Post on 10th June, 2018 

So, it is been asked repetitively that if an Astrologer is good enough then why he can't get the best of things for himself? Like, why he can't be among the wealthiest or most successful people? Or why no Astrologer ever been counted among the wealthiest people? This question was recently posed to me and I recently had seen a similar question asked at Quora.

Honestly, I don't see any relevance between being a good Astrologer and be in the list of most successful or wealthiest people. 1st of all, an Astrologer is here to guide people to the best of his abilities. The money he makes out of it is result of his efforts. It should be the outcome not the main purpose. Then there are still many Astrologers & Occultists who provide services to help people and they accept the donations as given by people. I know a few who provide free consultations. So, it depends on every individual Astrologer as to what are his priorities?

Then being an Astrologer doesn't mean that one is above Astrology itself. It means that most important thing for Astrologer to gain wealth is also wealth related houses, planets and dashas. Every Astrologer can make money or get success only as per his chart. The fact that I have learnt reading charts doesn't mean that I am beyond chart. 

Then may be there is some Astrologer like me who doesn't like to show off his wealth. I mean even if my earning increases 10 times, 1 thing is sure that I will be having similar life style. So, an Astrologer may not even care about how much he is earning? He may not disclose his wealth to be counted among the wealthiest or most successful. It's his wish.

Lastly, somehow the base behind this question is again into remedy factor that an Astrologer knows all the remedies then why he doesn't utilize all on himself and become a billionaire? It is like saying that a Doctor knows all the medicines or preventive ways then how any doctor can have any health issues? All Doctors must always remain healthiest people in world  !!! Somehow, it doesn't work like this. As I said, an Astrologer also has his own destiny to fulfill as per his chart. If it is in his destiny to go through a financially tough time then all he can do is to prepare for such time by start saving money from 1 or 2 years before, so that the tough time can be dealt with easily or safely without much loss or panic. But it can't happen that he can change a tough time into a luxurious one.

Hope this helps. Thanks,


Post on 12th June, 2018 

One of the mistakes we can commit while interpreting a chart is when we say that a planet is in good dignity or in good house position and try to interpret it as positive one for all the events of life. Like, there is a concept which says that malefic planets are considered as strong in Dushthana Houses.

Agreed but they are strong for the matters of Dushthana Houses, not for the matters of other houses. Like, if Saturn is in 6th house then person can be a very good Doctor or Lawyer which are matters of 6th house but we can not say that same Saturn would help a person in his relationship life. Even if it is exalted or in Mool Trikon, it is still in 6th house of conflicts which is 12th from 7th house of relation and hence represents loss of relation. It indicates that person can get into some disputes and conflicts during Saturn time which can spoil his relation so he should be more accommodating in those times.

Likewise, Ketu in 6th house and Mars in 8th house are good for 6th house & 8th house matters respectively but they are still causing a Paap Kartari Yoga for 7th house where a person can have real problems in relationship. So, Ketu in 6th house is good for 6th house purpose and Mars in 8th house is good for 8th house purpose but it doesn't mean that these 2 planets will automatically help in relationship matters of 7th house. Although, there can be other placements or dashas which can be giving different results to person but it doesn't mean that Paap Kartari Yoga is off and Mars & Ketu started supporting relation.

Talking about Mars-Ketu, they are now only 1 degree apart. Expect some eventful days ahead and keep an eye on the nakshatra Moon is transiting everyday to be specific about the day of event.



Post on 13th June, 2018

The 1st conditioning which a child gets from society and parents/family is of Comparing. At the age of 3 or 4, his family starts telling him that see, that kid is so good and you should be like him. Then that one is getting better marks than you and you should become like him.

This lays the basic foundation of life in the poison of comparing and jealousy. Person starts accepting that he is not good enough and everyone else is better than him. Comparing can either make you feel jealous or can help you develop a superiority complex. And with age, this poison only grows. Mind automatically compares in any situation. From Clothes to Pay-Slip to Relationship, our whole life is about comparison. And this only leads to lack of self-worth or confidence in life where person starts feeling that mistake is within him or her rather than others, especially in matters of relationship.

Everyone is created by God. Perfect God can't create an imperfect human. But everyone is unique, there is no comparison possible ever within 2 people. So, if parents really love their child then don't give this foundation of comparison and jealousy.

PS - It is not Parent's mistake too as they are also brought up in this environment of comparison. But somewhere we have to make a new beginning for the sake of coming generations.

(Learnings from my consultations and people I interacted with).


Post on 14th June, 2018 - 

So, here is one advice if there is any taker. 

As I have been open to receiving requests from people going through Relationship Conflicts, I have received quite a lot such consultation requests in recent times where people want to know what is causing problems in their relationship life Astrologically and what they can do to improve things? People were also open to know if there is any hope of improvement in future in their current relation or not?

But in some cases, people going through relationship crisis also asked for the time when they can plan for their child birth? Somehow I find it illogical. I understand that most of people are committed to fulfill desires of their parents or grandparents or society at large but still such request doesn't make any sense to me when you are going through a relationship crisis. I have 2 reasons here -

1st is that when your relation itself is problematic then your 1st priority should be to take measures to improve it. Be more accommodating or adjusting with each other. I don't understand how a child birth can improve your relation. For few months, the child birth may distract your focus from your relationship crisis but after 6 months or an year, you will be again dealing with same issues with an additional responsibility of child.

2nd reason is more important as it effects the child's life itself. As I understand, a child born out of parents who have no love towards each other or who are conflicting with each other, may live a life full of conflicts. Again, there can be exceptions here or there but a child always learns everything from his parents. If he sees his parents fighting then all he learns is to fight. If parents have no respect towards each other, they can't teach child to be respectful. Children are the most acute observers. They don't learn what we teach but they learn what they see us doing.

So, if you are going through relationship crisis then 1st look to improve the situation within yourself and postpone the child birth till the time there is love or respect among yourself else the child will be living a life in most case where he is just looking for some love or respect throughout life.

This is where I disagree with most of the motivational speakers and spiritual leaders who teach about giving good teachings or morals to children. I feel elders or parents should be taught to have all those morals and act as per those morals because then child will automatically observe it and receive those qualities in his life. It is but natural to take everything from parents as child look up on them. That's where I feel that parenthood is best time to correct yourself rather than your child.



Post on 16th June, 2018 - 

How a house or a planet can activate different things simultaneously?

5th house - 5th house is normally seen for Education, Children, Arts, Media and Love/Romance. So, 5th house activation can bring any of these events in life. It looks like a good time.

But then -

5th house is 8th (Change) from 10th house (Career) and 12th (Loss) from 6th house (Service/Jobs). So, same dasha of 5th house can bring a change in your career or loss of job. Now, it looks like a bad time.

5th house is again 8th (Change) from 10th house (Fame). So, 5th house activation can bring situations or circumstances where a person can have problems with his fame or reputation in society. In other words, he can get some defamation.

6th house is also house of debts, disputes and diseases. As 5th house is 12th (loss) from 6th house, it shows that 5th house activation can also bring closure to a litigation or loan and person may enjoy good health (loss of diseases).

So, if we see closely a house can be interpreted in 12 different ways at least, i.e. from every other house. Like, 6th house is 2nd from 5th house, 7th house is 3rd from 5th house etc. And it can give us different good or bad results.

Hence, it is not a good idea to ask about a planetary position and then ask if it is good or bad? It will be good from some point of view and bad from some other point of view. Like, 9th house is house of luck but it is 12th from 10th house of career. So, 9th house dasha can actually bring loss of career and you may think what kind of luck it is? 


Vishal S Saxena - Astrologer

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